Jewelry Organization

Sometimes I get an idea in my head and just try it out...live with it.  I was in a deep clean mode this weekend in our bedroom.  Getting all the dust bunnies out, ironing all the clothes, making a pile for Goodwill, putting winter linens on the bed...the whole nine yards.

I've wanted a place where all my jewelry could be in one place as well.  Wow, I didn't even realize how much I had until I did this.  I love costume jewelry, the funkier it is, the more I like it.  I have lots of hand me down necklaces and earrings from my grandmother too.  They don't make costume jewelry like that anymore!  She even made many of the beaded necklaces that I have.
I put all of my bracelets in the tiered stand that I purchased from Ikea last year.  My earrings are in little white dishes that I bought at the Christmas Tree Shop (must get some more of those. They have so many uses).  My necklaces are hung on a hook set that I repurposed from my bathroom.
Also, We have shoes scattered all over the house and in an effort to keep them in one place, I pulled out these shoe organizers that I had in one of the closets.  They are dated and from one of the big box stores many years ago.  They aren't the greatest looking of pieces, but I wanted to see what the space was like with them.  If I decide I like this set up, I would beef them up with trim and a top shelf.

In the midst off all of those black shoes, I have a pair of ruby red ones.  Don't judge.  I wear them often.

So for now, I am deciding if I like this set up...Happy Monday to you.


  1. So organized! And I LOVE the red shoes! They are so cute!

  2. It's such a good feeling to make some sense and organization of our belongings. I do pretty good with hooks and containers for my jewelry, but it still doesn't keep me from tossing my pieces on my dresser when I change at night. Staying organized is harder than getting organized for me!! But you did a great job. Nice shoes, too!


  3. This is motivation for me to do some serious master bedroom cleaning, too. I am good with the dusting surfaces, but I've got to lug the vacuum cleaner upstairs...