Weekend Projects- Mirror, Cabinet and Caulk

What gorgeous weather this weekend!  It lured me outside savoring the crispness of Fall.
Not too many completed projects around here, but I worked on a bunch right before we spent the afternoon  enjoying time with friends at a local vineyard.

An old mirror was primed and received its first coat of yellow.  Hello Yellow.
The pool house received a complete clean out and a new cabinet (from another part of the house) was hung for storage.  I am touching up trim and scouring CL and other classifieds for an Ektorp couch.
My bathtub has been almost pure bliss since I gave it an update over the summer. Almost.  The caulk under the tub spout started to crack.  I had used Polyseamseal and really liked how it smoothed down, but it didn't hold up.  Part of the problem is I have this large gap between the tub and tile.  We think the tub settled before we moved in and didn't notice enough to have the builder compensate or fix it.  I tried a foam backer rod and silicone caulk this time.  I am not a fan of silicone as I think it always looks lumpy and not as smooth as latex/acrylic caulk. I tried it and we'll see how it cures.
Do you have any tips on what you use?


  1. yellow! it's beautiful! is that spray paint, and if so, what make/colour name?

  2. I also like the idea of a yellow mirror. There's a white one right in our front entry way that I've been thinking of painting...maybe yellow!

  3. I love that idea of a yellow mirror! Yellow is so cheerful and fun.