A little humor...

A little humor to dull the pain.

I took the plunge and decided to move forward and get braces!  It has been something that I've debated in my head for many years, but finally went for it.
It is not as bad as I had imagined even though I am counting down the days until perfection.

I had braces as a kid. I had an off the wall dentist that told me at age 12 he could only go so far in getting my teeth to perfection.  He told me I had to go to speech class to correct how I talked.  Crack pot. Anyhoo.

Here I am years later wishing I found a new dentist way back then.  My teeth were straightened, but my cross bite was never corrected.  I am now on the journey to fix that and ultimately smile big and wide one day.

I elected for the ceramic braces which really are great.  You can hardly notice them and I only have them on the bottom teeth right now.

So a little humor today...laughing at this Halloween pumpkin and dulling the pain with Tylenol.


  1. You are a real trooper! Sorry about how your dentist messed up years ago. I hope the pain wears off soon, but keep up that great sense of humor...love the pumpkin!!


  2. Hopefully the pain will go away soon and you will be left with a great smile! I had braces from 25-27 and it went by really fast, I guess that had something to do with being an adult ;)