Changes- Yellow Mirror and Furniture Swap

My yellow mirror turned out even better that I expected.  
Isn't it such a fun color?  I'll be moving this into my new office space soon.
You see in the mirror reflection a comfy, cozy leather chair.  I robbed it from the man cave.  Well, technically Hubs had it shoved to the side of the basement and I quickly asked "Oh you aren't using that down here?  (Batt eyelashes.) Can we move it upstairs?"
I got rid of my HUGE chair and a half.  The old Craig is getting this listed soon.

 This is now my very favorite spot to sit and read by the fire.  Hubs and I sit in this room after dinner and talk about the doings of the day.
 P.S. I took the lamp from the basement too (and didn't even ask this time).  Too bad he noticed.


  1. Love how the mirror turned out! That yellow color is perfect. =)

  2. I really like the yellow mirror...it will make your office nice and bright! And the leather chair is fabulous, I am seeing more and more leather lately, it's comfy!

    Happy Halloween and have a good week!


  3. Yellow was a great choice! It goes really well with the yellow and white pillow. And did I spy a navy and white striped pillow? I love navy, white and yellow together.