Belt Hole Punch

The littlest things make me happy.  I love the fact that we can Google just about anything and find a solution.

Case- I wanted to punch another hole in my belts as opposed to buying brand new ones.
Solution- Purchased Leather Hole Punch at Michael's with 50% off coupon for $5.50.

Grand Reward- 3 revitalized belts!

The tool was located by the leather supplies in the back of my store.  It is very easy to use, but there are no directions.  You have to loosen a little set screw to allow the punches to rotate. Select the one that matches the belts existing holes, measure, and punch away.  It is super simple and easy and takes all of 2 seconds.

Little things like this were on my to do list this weekend.

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  1. Don't you love crossing things off of your to-do list? I'm not surprised Michael's carried this kind of kit -- such a great store.