Barn Door Construction- Losing My Mind

I about lost my mind with this barn door today. Why isn't there a perfect set of directions for me to follow? Why do I have to make it all up as I go along?  I know, I know, cause that's just what I like...a challenge any day of the week. 
After 4 hours of wrestling with the hardware, trying way to many different size wrenches, scuffing up my freshly painted goods....I can now smile!  
Wow, baby, this was a long haul.  You'll see she's still in a rough state, needing a final coat of paint, but she is gorgeous, everything I pictured in my head.
She clears the light switches beautifully, stands tall and rolls with ease.
To install the door brackets, I measured way too much and then used the same drill bits as when I did my mock up.  Ya know nothing ever goes perfect.  In order to get the bolts flush on the back side I had to use some serious elbow grease to fit a square end into a round hole.  
No idea why that bolt has a square end, but I got them to fit.
Here is a shot of my new best friend, a wrench.  It worked as I wanted, but scuffed up my paint job horribly.  Serious need of touch up.  Not sure if I should spray some paint in a cup and dab on or tape off the hung door and hit with spray paint.  Anyone think the over spray should be feared?
Hanging this door according to the directions failed.  I ended up tossing one of the nuts for each door hanger in the end.  I just couldn't get the door snug enough with it.  This took me about 2 hours to figure out, but the door is swinging sturdy now.
Perfect amount of clearance.  Yes that was planned, but of course not the easy task I envisioned.  I blame it on the extra nuts that saw their demise.  Next up, fresh paint.


  1. You did a great job, brave girl. And you stayed sane! I love it!!


  2. WOW, it is sooo cool and is going to look even more awesome after you get that last coat of paint on it. (For the hardware I think the spray paint in a cup and dab it on idea is the best.) I just read all your barn door posts and am so impressed! I think using the inexpensive door and adding trim was brilliant. I'm going to do (at least) 3 barn doors and can't wait to get to them. I know who to ask if I get confused by the instructions. I don't even read instructions because they never make sense! Great Job!

  3. Wow! Aren't you the smart one! Wish I had enough know how to tackle one of these type projects. Love your finished bathroom. Gives me lots of ideas when I get to working on my bathroom. Jackie

  4. Go girl it looks amazing! I can't wait to see it all finished.... now I want one!!!

  5. Wow! Your barn door looks great! I'm impressed that it was DIY'd - I would have no clue where to start.

  6. Wow. I love the barn door idea. =) Great job!
    ~Kelly @ Corner of Main

  7. Your hard work paid off -- the door looks awesome. I enjoyed looing at your blog and seeing all projects you've done, too. It will be fun to watch your house evolve!

  8. Ohhh, I see--Your box rail goes all the way to the left (I cut mine to fit) It would have been really close to get it to slide in instead of installing bolts while it's up.
    I had a double doorway, so that made it easier for me to do the bolts with the doors up in place.
    yikes! great job!