Changes- Yellow Mirror and Furniture Swap

My yellow mirror turned out even better that I expected.  
Isn't it such a fun color?  I'll be moving this into my new office space soon.
You see in the mirror reflection a comfy, cozy leather chair.  I robbed it from the man cave.  Well, technically Hubs had it shoved to the side of the basement and I quickly asked "Oh you aren't using that down here?  (Batt eyelashes.) Can we move it upstairs?"
I got rid of my HUGE chair and a half.  The old Craig is getting this listed soon.

 This is now my very favorite spot to sit and read by the fire.  Hubs and I sit in this room after dinner and talk about the doings of the day.
 P.S. I took the lamp from the basement too (and didn't even ask this time).  Too bad he noticed.


Belt Hole Punch

The littlest things make me happy.  I love the fact that we can Google just about anything and find a solution.

Case- I wanted to punch another hole in my belts as opposed to buying brand new ones.
Solution- Purchased Leather Hole Punch at Michael's with 50% off coupon for $5.50.

Grand Reward- 3 revitalized belts!

The tool was located by the leather supplies in the back of my store.  It is very easy to use, but there are no directions.  You have to loosen a little set screw to allow the punches to rotate. Select the one that matches the belts existing holes, measure, and punch away.  It is super simple and easy and takes all of 2 seconds.

Little things like this were on my to do list this weekend.


Pool House- Redecorating

I am redecorating our pool house into an office/reading room.  Hubs and I want to get more use out of the space than just using it for entertaining a couple of times a year.

When we built it, we insulated it so it's perfect for adding in some heat via a gas wall heater.
I am passing on the twin daybed and now am looking out for rattan sofa set.  I spied one on CL and scored it! I thought that might be more coastal cottage than the Ikea Ektrop sofa.  Time to get the sewing machine out and figure out how to whip up some cushion covers.

I'd like to put some shelving up for book storage and reuse a desk that I am painting and distressing.

I've been on the hunt for a black bound sisal or wool rug for months.  I found one at Lowe's but by the time I went back it was gone :(.

This is a rendering of the space that I mocked up to see how I wanted the furniture to be placed.  Ignore the colors.  I haven't mastered the computer program to glam up the space.


Weekend Projects- Mirror, Cabinet and Caulk

What gorgeous weather this weekend!  It lured me outside savoring the crispness of Fall.
Not too many completed projects around here, but I worked on a bunch right before we spent the afternoon  enjoying time with friends at a local vineyard.

An old mirror was primed and received its first coat of yellow.  Hello Yellow.
The pool house received a complete clean out and a new cabinet (from another part of the house) was hung for storage.  I am touching up trim and scouring CL and other classifieds for an Ektorp couch.
My bathtub has been almost pure bliss since I gave it an update over the summer. Almost.  The caulk under the tub spout started to crack.  I had used Polyseamseal and really liked how it smoothed down, but it didn't hold up.  Part of the problem is I have this large gap between the tub and tile.  We think the tub settled before we moved in and didn't notice enough to have the builder compensate or fix it.  I tried a foam backer rod and silicone caulk this time.  I am not a fan of silicone as I think it always looks lumpy and not as smooth as latex/acrylic caulk. I tried it and we'll see how it cures.
Do you have any tips on what you use?


Barn Door Construction- Losing My Mind

I about lost my mind with this barn door today. Why isn't there a perfect set of directions for me to follow? Why do I have to make it all up as I go along?  I know, I know, cause that's just what I like...a challenge any day of the week. 
After 4 hours of wrestling with the hardware, trying way to many different size wrenches, scuffing up my freshly painted goods....I can now smile!  
Wow, baby, this was a long haul.  You'll see she's still in a rough state, needing a final coat of paint, but she is gorgeous, everything I pictured in my head.
She clears the light switches beautifully, stands tall and rolls with ease.
To install the door brackets, I measured way too much and then used the same drill bits as when I did my mock up.  Ya know nothing ever goes perfect.  In order to get the bolts flush on the back side I had to use some serious elbow grease to fit a square end into a round hole.  
No idea why that bolt has a square end, but I got them to fit.
Here is a shot of my new best friend, a wrench.  It worked as I wanted, but scuffed up my paint job horribly.  Serious need of touch up.  Not sure if I should spray some paint in a cup and dab on or tape off the hung door and hit with spray paint.  Anyone think the over spray should be feared?
Hanging this door according to the directions failed.  I ended up tossing one of the nuts for each door hanger in the end.  I just couldn't get the door snug enough with it.  This took me about 2 hours to figure out, but the door is swinging sturdy now.
Perfect amount of clearance.  Yes that was planned, but of course not the easy task I envisioned.  I blame it on the extra nuts that saw their demise.  Next up, fresh paint.


Mirror Mirror

Bring on the weekend!  Amen.  New beginnings.  Life getting back to normal.  Ahhhh.

I've had the spray paint for months.  The mirror and frame have been separated for a really long time waiting to breathe new life.  Should I do it?  Shall I go bright, bold yellow?

When I was a little girl my guest room at my grandparent's cottage was all yellow.  I want to bring bring that memory back and smile every time I see yellow painted wood.

Source: google.com via Casey on Pinterest

We'll see how it goes.  Spray paint and I aren't the best of friends.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad.
Ohhhh and let's not forget the barn door that is "oh so close" to being finished!

Happy Weekend!!!!


A little humor...

A little humor to dull the pain.

I took the plunge and decided to move forward and get braces!  It has been something that I've debated in my head for many years, but finally went for it.
It is not as bad as I had imagined even though I am counting down the days until perfection.

I had braces as a kid. I had an off the wall dentist that told me at age 12 he could only go so far in getting my teeth to perfection.  He told me I had to go to speech class to correct how I talked.  Crack pot. Anyhoo.

Here I am years later wishing I found a new dentist way back then.  My teeth were straightened, but my cross bite was never corrected.  I am now on the journey to fix that and ultimately smile big and wide one day.

I elected for the ceramic braces which really are great.  You can hardly notice them and I only have them on the bottom teeth right now.

So a little humor today...laughing at this Halloween pumpkin and dulling the pain with Tylenol.