Why I Run

I run to clear my head.
I run to sweat it out.
I run to keep my heart in shape.
I run to feel my legs tone up.
Most of all...
I run to spend time with Hubs. 

He is my cheerleader, my co-pilot. 
Sometimes we run together even though he is much faster than I.  I trail behind.  Sometimes, he runs on the morning, while I walk along.  Sometimes, I run in the evening, while he bikes along.  
You see I am not a morning person.  
I need food in my system.  I need to shake the cobwebs off.  I need to get focused.  
I do better when I run in the evening as the sun is starting to go down.  

I wasn't always a runner.  In fact, I hated it in gym class.  I was never fast enough.  I have since learned it's OK to be a slow runner.  Just keep moving.  When I was in high school, a friend and I tried out for Track.  I lasted 2 days.  I wasn't into the commitment.

I started running about 3 years ago, off and on.  My first run I thought I was going to DIE.  Right there on the road.  Lungs burning.  Heart pounding.  Breathing heavy.  Hubs cheered me on.

I run because I know it's good for me.  
Nothing gets up my heart rate like running does.  
I went through a period where multiple family members were facing life challenges, battling cancer and struggling day to day.  Running helps me to focus on what matters in this life of mine.

I run because I can.  
I run because I am blessed and thankful and joyful all at once.


  1. This is inspiring. I used to walk and was just starting to run and then stopped. I promise myself I will start again, but I haven't committed. I really need the physical and mental benefits...hopefully I will get off my bum soon and get in shape! ;-D


  2. As someone who has been a runner for almost 30 years now I so appreciate and understand your feelings about running. Running has always been a constant in my life and I am grateful for every day I can lace up my shoes and go out the door and run!

  3. I just started running and I have to say I do enjoy it, thanks for the motivation! I won't skip today:) BTW no, I didn't paint the drawers I washed them and then used vinegar baking soda and lavender. Worked great!

  4. I love this! I've been running on and off for a couple of years but I think I've finally gotten it. I've been down because there are goals that I'm not checking off and then I realized that those goals were out of my control. Running is not so that is my new focus.