Well, it's technically not the weekend yet, but I have been on a stay-cation all week!  Woo Hoo. I've been fiddling around getting some mini projects done here and there.  My barn door madness has been on the daily list all week.  Little by little I am working at it.  I had to step away more than a few times to gather my senses.

I spent some down time revamping my blog layout and am having tons of fun.  There are some great tutorials out there so you don't have to spend any $$$, just time.  I want to come up with a logo for my site, but that is for another day.  (Want to know more, drop me a note.  I'd be happy to share what I found along the way).

So what do you have planned for the weekend?  The weather turned gorgeous here in Jersey and the blue skies are a plenty.  I hope to enjoy the last few days of my stay-cation fully.

I've received a brand spankin' new camera this week and I am giddy with it.  Not only am I learning about manual mode, but the bells and whistles this baby has is delightful.

I wandered around the yard taking some landscape shots.  Smile.

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  1. What did you get for a camera? The photos are beautiful! I've been thinking of getting a new one. I've been playing with my shutter speed for interior shots and found it makes a big difference. Gotta have a tripod though. Got a perfectly fine one on amazon for $20.