Yard Sale Prep

Every so often I get on this kick to purge stuff out of my home.
Every single time I do it, I wonder where did it all come from in the first place.
Every time I swear there is nothing left to sell, donate or trash.
Even so, I found a heaping of clothes, knickknacks, home goods, costume jewelry, purses, and even some furniture to sell this coming weekend.

I am being ruthless.  If I haven't worn it, used it, done something with it, or thought about it in a year, it is going in the truck.  The truck will be loaded up and off to a community yard sale at our local minor league ball field.  For $15 bucks, I get two parking spaces...a place to unload my loot.

What about you? Do you feel the need to purge your stuff?  What do you do with it?

My plan is to take some time this week pricing everything, real cheap, so I come home with nothing :)

P.S. I have one of these aprons! Mine is not so pretty.  Boring brown.


  1. Why don't you swing by and grab a truck load while I head to work?! i'd never even miss it all I'm sure! I was doing so well at purging last year. We desperately need to do it again. If I honored the one year rule, a lot would disappear.
    Your stairs look amazing. I would really like to do this to ours!

  2. I love doing this! And I find myself doing it ALOT, so where in the world is all of this stuff coming from?!

  3. Oh yes, am trying very hard to purge right now!!

    It can really clear ones head as well, so interesting!


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  4. Great idea! Have fun! Every spring our neighborhood puts on one giant garage sale that we love to participate in. It's amazing the kind of things that get saved and piled up! Happy to have found your blog. I am your newest follower!