Is it me or are there others out there that wash ALL the clothes when you come back from a trip?  Ya know, even the ones you didn't even wear.

I had a bag full of clothes that Hubs and I didn't even wear while in NYC.  T-shirts, jeans, sweaters (because it was so darn humid in NYC this weekend).
I still washed everything instead of putting them right back in the drawer!
  Sickness?  Please tell me you do the same.

Source: whipup.net via Hannah on Pinterest


  1. My goodness...I don't wash anything unless I really have to!! Laundry is always on the bottom of my To Do list for a reason!! ;-D


  2. oh hi! i just stumbled here and saw your painted stairs post. i have basement stairs too that i've been wanting to paint just like that too! i even have everything i need! it looks so awesome. you did such a great job. i'm glad i read your tip about painting every other stair, although i do have a door that leads out the basement!!

    i just started following you too! great blog...

  3. Oh I wash everything in a suitcase too. It just feels dirty, even I keep it separate from the worn clothing.