Laundry Room- Clothing Storage

I heard the angels singing this week when my husband said, "Hey, why don't we keep my work clothes and running gear in the basement?"  You see, he's self employed and cuts down trees all day long.  He has these icky, dirty work clothes, loads of them, that I wash and schlep up two flights of stairs to put away.
Well, most of the time, I bat my eyelashes and ask him to carry the laundry baskets.  He must of got tired of it.  So win win for me.  The clean work clothes stay right in the basement and I've gained a whole dresser in our bedroom.
Every morning he gets up a couple of hours before me, heads to his man cave in the basement and used to creep back into our room to grab clothes.  No more creeping around.  He either grabs his running gear and goes for a run or gets right to it and puts on his work clothes for a day of sap laden tree cutting.

Since I cleaned house and got rid of a car load of junk at the yard sale, I had freed up shelving space.
All the totes were previously owned and filled with junk that I no longer have.  They fit nicely on the shelves and contain work jeans, sweatshirts, shirts and shorts.  The clear bins contain work socks, running socks, workout pants, shorts and shirts.

Now I have the organizing bug bad.  Do you think he needs labels on those totes? :)


  1. Labels would look awesome!
    Thanks for visiting my new blog...you are my very first official visitor!

  2. Labels would be fun! I love to be organized and your shelves with the blue bins look great! And what a plus to not have to carry the basket up two flights of stairs!!

  3. It's gorgeous! Even more gorgeous with labels on. Enjoy the fabulous weekend, Kellie xx

  4. Yes! On the labels, aren't you just so organized! I am very jealous of your laundry room! Mine is in the dungeon basement!