Barn Door- Friendly Mock Up

Hope you all had a great Labor Day.  I spent time at the beach, having dinner with family and celebrating Hubs "Big Birthday Weekend".  In this household, we stretch birthdays and make them last longer.

I did not hit my entire To Do list, but I did manage to start the friendly mock up of the barn door.  

I lined up my hardware pieces like soldiers, inspected them, took a big sigh and wondered what I was getting myself in to.
I purchased the kit back in May at my local Tractor Supply Hardware. The kit is made by Stanley.  4 brackets which were $11.50 a piece. These hold up the box rail or track.  This came in an 8ft. long piece for $28. Hubs cut it down about an inch for me.  The hangers came in a box kit for $55 which includes the wheels, door hangers and nuts and bolts.  
I also purchased a wider piece of wood from Home Depot to use as the header casing that the rail will attach to.  This is going to replace the top door casing and run the entire length of the wall to support the door.
I sprayed all the metal pieces with primer (couple of light coats).
I used the box the kit came in to stand up my bolts so I could get even coverage.
I taped off the wheels since I didn't want them gunked up and they will be hidden in the rail.  We'll see how it looks.  I might have to go back and spray them up.
I did use one can of ORB spray paint.  Brain dead I must have not taken any pictures of that.  The hardware can use another coat, but I figured I'd wait until after I am done with my mock up.
For the mock up, I am using a cheapo door from Lowes.  I am still deciding if I want to trim this out and beef it up to look like a fabulous barn door or if I want to use the existing 6 panel door.  If I use the existing 6 panel, I'd have to add trim to make it wider, from 30 to 36 inch.  
Here is the casing header that I will be taking down and replacing with the wider trim to support the barn door.

My mind is racing as I am in it to win it now.  I just need to figure out how high to place the rail so the door doesn't drag on the floor.  Ohhhh and here's just a monkey wrench to throw in.  I have to install the rail with the door on the tracks because I have no open end to slide the door into the tracks after the fact. Bring on the muscle.  I'm sure Hubs and I will be having a grand time with that part of the install. 


  1. Oh, boy. Did you see the stuff they're using on the ceiling at The Lettered Cottage? It's 1/4-inch tongue and groove. I wonder if you could apply that to face the cheapo door to make it look like a barn door? Just a thought.

  2. Hey there! it looks to me like you have plenty of room to slide that door in from the left ???? (after installing the hardware)
    going to go look for the finished project.


  3. Can you give me the stock # for the kit and rail? I saw some on the Stanley site, but am unsure if they are for inside or the really heavy duty outdoor hardware. Is the kit 5005b?