Office: Organizing Paperwork

Remember when I showed you the mountain of papers here? I shredded and burned the junk and filed everything else.  I decided to move to a binder system as opposed to keeping it all in a file cabinet. I've been using this system for about a month and it is working out great.  Here is the lowdown.
I put all the junk papers into one pile and the took time to separate the rest.  Once I had an idea of what I truly needed to file, I decided on the binder categories. 
Mine ended up being the following:

Banking - Finances: includes mortgage, loans, credit cards, retirement, accounts, etc.

Home - Auto- Medical: includes utilities, insurance medical receipts, blood work and prescriptions

TV - Video - Audio: includes everything related to home entertainment.  This binder is packed, but now everything is in one place.  No more searching for the remote manual for the TV.

Koi Pond: includes details on pond build, fish food supply, lighting and filtration, etc.

Pool - Spa: includes all the manuals and receipts associated.  This came in handy when we had our lighting strike.  I knew where everything was to submit to insurance.

Basement Manuals: includes laundry, furnace, hot water heater, electrical panel, water softener.

Kitchen Manuals: includes all the large and small appliance manuals as well as kitchen remodel information.

Personal: includes a place for me to keep notes and pictures on projects I am working on.

Recipes: I put all my tear sheets and hand written recipes in here.  This was a project in itself and I'll share the whole binder later.  It is a work in progress.  Because I am keeping it real, you will notice I have a spelling mistake I have yet to fix!

Home Manuals and Manual overflow file- this includes misc. manuals like the vacuum cleaner, power tools, etc.  Some of them are bulky so that is why I have the white magazine file as well.

I  purchased all of my supplies at Staples and Kmart.  I really like the Avery sleeves with tab dividers.  They come in fun colors and have a pocket for storing the papers so I don't have to hole punch anything.  I also used the Velcro file folders to keep things contained.
To make the binder sleeve tags, I used a template from the Avery site for the binder in my size.  I used scrapbook paper and cut it to size once I printed the words in Typewriter font in a coordinating color.
I am debating if I want to add a front cover page to the binder to provide more detail to what is in the binder.  It seems kind of redundant, but it would look pretty.

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  1. look at you! This is awesome - i feel like our manuals are in a huge mess in the bottom of our filing cabinet. This looks great!