Bathroom Update- Night Shots

Because I am very excited about the warm, cozy glow emitted from my new light fixture, I'm going to sneak peak some shots for you on the updated bathroom.

It has been a very long road.  The remodel took me way longer than I expected, but I am so very pleased with everything, and that is everything, in the bathroom now.

I am so happy with the lighting.  It's not harsh like my other one was.  And the galvanized finish adds just the touch of whimsy I was looking for to offset the chrome fixtures in the space.
I purchased it in the outdoor lighting section of Lowe's.  It does come with a warning sticker slapped on it telling me that it has traces of lead in it and if I live in California to make sure I wash my hands after handling.  I guess since I live no where near California I am ok.  Seriously, I freaked out a little bit about this and even explored other lighting options, but this one fit perfectly.  The size was exactly what I needed.  I figured I'm not licking or touching the thing daily so for now I'm ok.  But purchase at your own risk!

The board and batten treatment as many of you suggested is just dreamy.  I did have a hard time determining how tall I wanted it.  I did initially have it chair rail height, but after I lived with it for about 2 minutes I decided it was too choppy.  It made the room feel smaller.  So taller I went!  I am still thinking about adding a ledge but for now I like the clean lines of nothing else.

My vessel sink and cherry plank countertop were a thorn in my side, but how beautiful do they look?
I can tell you that we've been using the sink for about 2 weeks now and I have no complaints.  I did initially purchase a pop up sink drain, but it leaks, and I'm not sure if it's installer (ME) error or not.  So right now I am using the the one that came with the faucet.  I actually like the fact that it stops hair and what not from clogging the drain better than your standard pop up drain.  So we'll see.

I do have 5 coats of wipe on poly over the countertop.  The water beads up that happens to splash about, but I did have spotting from toothpaste.  I recently just treated the top with Howard's Feed N Wax and that buffed everything out beautifully.

I'll be sharing some daytime shots for you.  My regrouted bathtub looks brand, spankin' new.  I've even become a bath taker because the tub is so clean and the space is Mc Dreamy.

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