Bathroom Necessities

Bathroom Necessities.  They could not be avoided.  I have this aversion to hanging things on my walls.  I think it is a fear of the dreaded drywall patch should I want to move the item.  No idea what this is about.  I've done my fair share of spackling and it isn't that bad.
First up, wall mounted hair dryer.  I bought one a long time ago as Hubs "has to" blow dry his hair.  Me?  I've gone au natural since I was a kid and rarely, like less than a dozen times a year, blow dry my hair.  So to make peace with the beast laying on my bath countertop, the wall mounted hair dryer was a savior.
When doing the bath update, I realized we needed a new one.  The plug was cracked and had become a fire hazard.  I picked up this Conair one at my local BB&B.  It sat in the box for weeks.  The aversion to hanging it overwhelmed me.  Hubs gently asked about it and in 5 minutes flat I had this bad boy up---with heavy duty mounting tape.  Yes, that's right.  Mounting tape.  The stuff rocks.  The hair dryer is going nowhere and I fooled myself by not having to put anchoring in the wall.

Second, robe hook.  
Well, that is what it was called, but it's for our bath towels.  
I found it at HomeGoods and it is shiny and lovely.  
For some reason, screwing that into the stud didn't affect me! 
Third, shiny, new toilet seat.  The one that was there had corroded due to its metal hinges.  It never sat right either.  It always moved around.  Very annoying.  I bought two of them from Lowes. One from American Standard that touting self closing seat.  The other from Aquasource.  After careful inspection, I did not like the American Standard one.  The self closing mechanism was bulky and I pictured it hard to clean.  
See how the hinge is one big rectangle.  When you open the lid, there is this large crevice where gunk can collect.  
The Aquasource one is simple.  I took a seat and tried it out.  It fit perfectly.

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