Office: Organizing Paperwork

Remember when I showed you the mountain of papers here? I shredded and burned the junk and filed everything else.  I decided to move to a binder system as opposed to keeping it all in a file cabinet. I've been using this system for about a month and it is working out great.  Here is the lowdown.
I put all the junk papers into one pile and the took time to separate the rest.  Once I had an idea of what I truly needed to file, I decided on the binder categories. 
Mine ended up being the following:

Banking - Finances: includes mortgage, loans, credit cards, retirement, accounts, etc.

Home - Auto- Medical: includes utilities, insurance medical receipts, blood work and prescriptions

TV - Video - Audio: includes everything related to home entertainment.  This binder is packed, but now everything is in one place.  No more searching for the remote manual for the TV.

Koi Pond: includes details on pond build, fish food supply, lighting and filtration, etc.

Pool - Spa: includes all the manuals and receipts associated.  This came in handy when we had our lighting strike.  I knew where everything was to submit to insurance.

Basement Manuals: includes laundry, furnace, hot water heater, electrical panel, water softener.

Kitchen Manuals: includes all the large and small appliance manuals as well as kitchen remodel information.

Personal: includes a place for me to keep notes and pictures on projects I am working on.

Recipes: I put all my tear sheets and hand written recipes in here.  This was a project in itself and I'll share the whole binder later.  It is a work in progress.  Because I am keeping it real, you will notice I have a spelling mistake I have yet to fix!

Home Manuals and Manual overflow file- this includes misc. manuals like the vacuum cleaner, power tools, etc.  Some of them are bulky so that is why I have the white magazine file as well.

I  purchased all of my supplies at Staples and Kmart.  I really like the Avery sleeves with tab dividers.  They come in fun colors and have a pocket for storing the papers so I don't have to hole punch anything.  I also used the Velcro file folders to keep things contained.
To make the binder sleeve tags, I used a template from the Avery site for the binder in my size.  I used scrapbook paper and cut it to size once I printed the words in Typewriter font in a coordinating color.
I am debating if I want to add a front cover page to the binder to provide more detail to what is in the binder.  It seems kind of redundant, but it would look pretty.


Bathroom Necessities

Bathroom Necessities.  They could not be avoided.  I have this aversion to hanging things on my walls.  I think it is a fear of the dreaded drywall patch should I want to move the item.  No idea what this is about.  I've done my fair share of spackling and it isn't that bad.
First up, wall mounted hair dryer.  I bought one a long time ago as Hubs "has to" blow dry his hair.  Me?  I've gone au natural since I was a kid and rarely, like less than a dozen times a year, blow dry my hair.  So to make peace with the beast laying on my bath countertop, the wall mounted hair dryer was a savior.
When doing the bath update, I realized we needed a new one.  The plug was cracked and had become a fire hazard.  I picked up this Conair one at my local BB&B.  It sat in the box for weeks.  The aversion to hanging it overwhelmed me.  Hubs gently asked about it and in 5 minutes flat I had this bad boy up---with heavy duty mounting tape.  Yes, that's right.  Mounting tape.  The stuff rocks.  The hair dryer is going nowhere and I fooled myself by not having to put anchoring in the wall.

Second, robe hook.  
Well, that is what it was called, but it's for our bath towels.  
I found it at HomeGoods and it is shiny and lovely.  
For some reason, screwing that into the stud didn't affect me! 
Third, shiny, new toilet seat.  The one that was there had corroded due to its metal hinges.  It never sat right either.  It always moved around.  Very annoying.  I bought two of them from Lowes. One from American Standard that touting self closing seat.  The other from Aquasource.  After careful inspection, I did not like the American Standard one.  The self closing mechanism was bulky and I pictured it hard to clean.  
See how the hinge is one big rectangle.  When you open the lid, there is this large crevice where gunk can collect.  
The Aquasource one is simple.  I took a seat and tried it out.  It fit perfectly.


Guest Room- Ruffle Trim Tutorial

This was one of the quickest changes I've made and it was very sew simple.
I took one of my stashed white, twin Target flat sheets and folded it in half lengthwise.
I pressed the seam and used that as my cut line.  I did cut on this line with scissors and measured my length to hang past my window trim.
The fun part was after that, I used the old tear technique and snipped a little of each edge and tore the curtain.  I wanted the old linen, unfinished look and the frayed edges did the trick.
I gathered strips of fabric that were about 1 inch wide, pulled off all the long dangly strings and made my ruffles.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing was measured here nor was anything precise.
I fed the material through the ruffles and watched out to make sure my fingers didn't get caught. 
I ended up with a pile.
 I decided that I wanted 3 rows of ruffles near the bottom of the curtains.  I eyeballed everything and pinned.  At this point, I did clip the curtains up on the rod to make sure they looked as I wanted.  I then did a quick stitch and they were complete.
They look so beautiful in the sunlight with the wind billowing them around.  They are simple, old looking and just the cottage touch I wanted.  I am a sucker for white cotton.  
It's clean look just makes me smile and relax.


Guest Room- Ruffle Trim

I've got about five different projects going on at once.  Some are discouraging, some are easy and some are started but I wonder if I will ever finish.  My day job has been keeping me super duper busy these last few weeks. Any free time I get, I want to nap or spend time eating a big bowl of cereal.

I've changed my mind a few times, but I started the guest room curtains.  
These two images stuck in my mind.

Source: westelm.com via Casey on Pinterest

Out came the trusty Target flat bed sheets.  
I ripped them up (shrugged the stress of the day off) and started sewing.  
Here's a sneak peak.


Office- New Space Inspiration

Who else out there has multiple projects going on at once?  Please let it not just be me.
As I was finishing up my bathroom (well, nothing is ever fully finished), I decided to start not only a guest room update, but also an office update.  I am moving my office to the pool house.  Hubs and I decided that no sense only using that space once in a while, but to enjoy it daily.

I've been busy cleaning, organizing and trying out different furniture arrangements.  While I get everything squared away, here are some inspiration photos that keep me going.  Be sure to check out my Office Board on Pinterest.

The hung clipboards are such a space saver and add interest to the walls.

I am distressing a desk like this table.  

This tufted chair is on my must have list.
Source: homedit.com via Casey on Pinterest

This blue tufted chair is so beautiful.  


Product Review- EO Shower Gel

While Hubs and I were spending a quick weekend getaway here,
 I happened upon EO Shower Gel.  There was a travel size bottle in our room.  Of course I took it home with me.  I know you do the same, grab all the travel bottles even if you didn't use them while staying in your room. 

I have to say that I love this product.  I add it to my bath and not only is my skin super soft, but the whole room smelly lovely afterwards.  I am a sucker for anything lavender and this is right up my alley.  My skin is super duper sensitive so anytime I find a product that works so well, I am a happy camper.  I'll be buying a refill of this scrumptious stuff.

P.S. I was not paid for this review, I just happen to like sharing.


Guest Room- Making some changes

The guest room is about to get all gussied up. I've started to use Pinterest and am loving it. I am a highly visual person and this is a great tool for me to use. No more tear sheets all over the place (well, not as many anyway).

 Here are some of my inspirations.

Source: fabric.com via Casey on Pinterest

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Bathroom Update- Daybreak

I learned a lot throughout this remodel.  Remember where I started?  The bathroom wasn't bad, just builder boring and didn't have any life to it.

Keeping it simple in this small space has really make it seem cleaner, and even bigger.  I am sure it has helped that the door is off the hinges waiting for me to move on to constructing the barn door.

The board and batten is constructed from 1x3 poplar board from Lowe's.  I like their lumber because I can usually find straight, smooth boards.

I picked up two hand towels at HomeGoods and the colors match perfectly.  A little brown to match the wood and teal and sea foam green to coordinate with the wall color.  These hand towels are oversized too, which is an extra bonus.

The little garbage can is part of set I picked up at Target a long time ago.  The blue inside of it blends nicely with the wall color and hand towels.  Love it when that happens.  The mirror was taken from the downstairs half bath.  I like that it mimics the round vessel sink.

When I figured out that I wanted the board and batten to be tall, I ended up replacing the window trim as well.  I beefed up the top and bottom trim pieces and love how it turned out.  Right now I am liking no window treatment. 

My shower curtain is the same one.  I love it so much, that I threw it in the washing machine with lots of OxiClean and it washed beautifully.  I use fabric liners since I can throw them in the wash too.  The plastic ones get too slimy.

I regrouted the tub surround walls and recaulked the surround as well.  This took me WAY longer that I anticipated, but the result is a brand new looking tub.

 The little stool has been sitting in the basement and it works nicely here.  A place to stash a days worth of towels and I use it for my bath soaking items when I am relaxing in the hot bath.

 Hope you like the bath as much as I do!


Bathroom Update- Night Shots

Because I am very excited about the warm, cozy glow emitted from my new light fixture, I'm going to sneak peak some shots for you on the updated bathroom.

It has been a very long road.  The remodel took me way longer than I expected, but I am so very pleased with everything, and that is everything, in the bathroom now.

I am so happy with the lighting.  It's not harsh like my other one was.  And the galvanized finish adds just the touch of whimsy I was looking for to offset the chrome fixtures in the space.
I purchased it in the outdoor lighting section of Lowe's.  It does come with a warning sticker slapped on it telling me that it has traces of lead in it and if I live in California to make sure I wash my hands after handling.  I guess since I live no where near California I am ok.  Seriously, I freaked out a little bit about this and even explored other lighting options, but this one fit perfectly.  The size was exactly what I needed.  I figured I'm not licking or touching the thing daily so for now I'm ok.  But purchase at your own risk!

The board and batten treatment as many of you suggested is just dreamy.  I did have a hard time determining how tall I wanted it.  I did initially have it chair rail height, but after I lived with it for about 2 minutes I decided it was too choppy.  It made the room feel smaller.  So taller I went!  I am still thinking about adding a ledge but for now I like the clean lines of nothing else.

My vessel sink and cherry plank countertop were a thorn in my side, but how beautiful do they look?
I can tell you that we've been using the sink for about 2 weeks now and I have no complaints.  I did initially purchase a pop up sink drain, but it leaks, and I'm not sure if it's installer (ME) error or not.  So right now I am using the the one that came with the faucet.  I actually like the fact that it stops hair and what not from clogging the drain better than your standard pop up drain.  So we'll see.

I do have 5 coats of wipe on poly over the countertop.  The water beads up that happens to splash about, but I did have spotting from toothpaste.  I recently just treated the top with Howard's Feed N Wax and that buffed everything out beautifully.

I'll be sharing some daytime shots for you.  My regrouted bathtub looks brand, spankin' new.  I've even become a bath taker because the tub is so clean and the space is Mc Dreamy.