Lazy Susan

I am now a huge fan of lazy susans.  I've been to Bed Bath and Beyond three times this week to pick up more and more.  It all started with adding some to my pantry for canned goods, but then I thought how great would it be in the bathroom.

I overhauled my linen closet and bath vanity.  Pitching and Organizing.  Cleaning and Organizing again.

No more reaching and looking in a bottomless basket.  I give the lazy susan a whirl and I know exactly what I have.

I put three of then in my linen closet alone.  One 12 inch  holds my various large bottles, One 9 inch  holds various medicines and the last 9 inch  holds all those teeny tiny bottles.

My updated bath vanity received a new white shelf liner and a large 12 inch susan.  I spin spin spin it and smile.  Adding the second shelf into my vanity creates storage I never had before.  I am one happy gal.

P.S. Are you spying at the board and batten?  I have to paint up the doors and then I'll share my bath makeover with you.  I know I am dyin' to share it.


  1. that is such a great idea for under the bathroom sink. I am forever digging through a million bottles trying to find what I am looking for!

  2. I love the lazy susan! I need to do something like that in my pantry, they are so deep and just not user friendly. Can't wait to see the board and batten too!