The Diet that changed me

I know this is not something I typically write about, but it has been 6 weeks since I tried a diet that changed my life.  

You see the rock candy.  Well basically that is what I felt like eating all the time.  In one form or another, I was consuming huge amounts of sugar.  Bread. Pasta. Gatorade. Granola Bars. Carrots.  Honey. Jellybeans.  
Everything in high amounts of sugar.  I needed it.  I craved it.  I lived off it.

I woke up one morning doing my normal routine and headed into the office.  I had my usual PB on white english muffin and glass of honey hot water on the way to work.  I had a 9 am meeting and by 10 am I felt horrible.  Dizzy.  Out of it.  
I sucked down a Gatorade and ate a yogurt loaded with chemicals- ya know, fat free but with stuff you can't pronounce.

This was just the beginning.  The entire week I felt progressively worse.  Dizzy all the time.  Out of it.  Fear I was going to faint.  I thought I was hypoglycemic because that is what the doctors always told me.  Your blood sugar is crashing too fast, eat more.  So I ate more of the sugary stuff.

By the end of the week, I was sick to my stomach and felt like I was dying.  I went to the doctor and insisted they run every test they could.  Full blood work up, allergy test and parasite test.  That was the day I decided to completely revamp my diet.  That was a Friday.

Slowly I eliminated all processed foods and lived off a higher protein low carb diet.  Another week went by and I still felt bad.  My blood work and all my tests were negative, but do you know by the following Friday I woke up feeling like a million bucks?  It was amazing.  Life was new again.

Since then, I dropped 10lbs, am no longer bloated and my skin has never looked better.  I don't follow a strict diet, but I have not eaten cookies, pie, ice cream, cake in 6 weeks.  I don't miss it.

To curb my craving, I do eat fruit with greek yogurt, fruit with cottage cheese.  Almond butter on a rice cake.  I eat full, big meals with lots of veggies and little carb.  If I want Italian dinner, I make sure there is a protein, either fish or chicken along side the pasta.  I limit the pasta to the size of my palm.

Some may think this is a drag, but the way I feel surpasses the 30 seconds of joy I would get from eating something that makes me feel crappy later.


  1. When I'm really busy and eating on the run, it's the carbs and sugar that become my predominant diet, all the stuff that's ready to eat off the shelf. I always find myself feeling really awful after these periods in my life. Cooking real food takes time and it's easy to cut those corners. I always feel better, more at ease even, when I eat protein paired with lots of fruits and vegetables. I also think it takes a few weeks to feel the effects but it's always worth the wait.

  2. I had something similar happen 2 weeks ago...feeling just as you described. I have been very strictly dieting lately (lost 25 lbs in 6 weeks), and finally ended up at the dr. Mine was pretty much dehydration but it was a wake up call that while I do need to lose weight, I really need to get healthy! I need to knock off the fake sugar, diet soda, etc. I have been trying to eat more protein, and I was already eating NO carbs - so I've added some back in. I haven't gained anything, but I feel much much better. Funny how our bodies tell us what we need, and they scream it at us when we don't listen. Glad you are feeling better!!