Bathroom Redo- Taking Apart the Vanity

Today was the day I decided to tackle this project.  I didn't get very far because I fell into a state of indecisiveness.   The kind where I wonder what I am doing and panic.  I even went to Lowes and Home Depot scouting out new vanities just to see if I REALLY liked something.

Good thing is I got my wits back and decided I just need to persevere.

The vanity has been dismantled.  I even had Hubs see if there was tile underneath it.  Ya know, because I was crazy thinking I wanted to spends hundreds on a new one.

Back to my senses.  A fresh coat of paint with my new wood top and vessel sink...I think I will be back in business.

The Before:

Here is a mock up just to settle my visual needs. 

 The Mock Up:

 I'll be off to get some trim to beef up the cabinet and find a faucet tomorrow. 
I am dreaming of some board and batten too with a beefier mirror.
(That hole on the left floor was from me eager to see if there was tile underneath.  
There is, but only partially).


  1. I think you're off to a great start. The homemade countertop is great. Board and a batten at the height you did it in your dining area would leave the perfect amount of space to do a large print wallpaper.

    Carry on.

  2. I love the beginnings...Love the vessel...can not wait to see more. :)


  3. Where did you get the wood top? Looks great.

  4. The wood top was built from left over cherry wood flooring. While it was beautiful, it didn't hold up all that well with the daily use and water spills.