Bath Vanity- Trim

What takes most of the day and lots of patience?  Deciding and installing trim on the bath vanity. 

I had HUGE HIGH HOPES today to accomplish a lot more.  
I went to Lowes to scope out a faucet and a new vessel sink.  The one I originally bought had a defect.  Always check the box before leaving the store!

I ended up buying the exact same vessel sink and the only vessel faucet in chrome they had.
My cart was loaded up with wood and supplies and I was now on a mission.
However, funny thing happened once I got home.  I decided I wanted a NAP.  Hey, it's a holiday and a girl deserves a nap.  

A little while later, I got my act together.  Slowly.
There were moments I was tempted to pitch the vanity again, but I broke out some scrap molding.

A lot of hammering and tugging and I yanked out the broken toe kick.  I prayed the whole cabinet wouldn't fall apart.  While the toe kick was off I discovered how lazy my tile guy was.  The tile is installed underneath the cabinet, except for one whole tile in the far right corner.  What???  Go figure considering I had a entire box of tiles left.  Oh and there is no grout underneath either.  LAZY.

Trial and error with many different moldings, I found some floor molding to make a new toe kick.
Happy dance, but a little boring.
Some cove type trim that I found in my stash helped perk up the vanity.  Some boards on the side panel also started to bring this vanity to life.

I picked up these little feet at Lowes.  The screw came right out once I clamped my Hubs vice around it. They fit perfectly.  No kidding.
I have a lot of nail filling, caulking and painting to do, but I am liking the look of the vanity.  The bummer of the day, however, soon appeared...the faucet came with a drain, but it's the wrong one.  I need one with overflow :(.    Back to the store tomorrow.

I am debating if I want to install shelves in the cabinet and paint the inside.  I need to decide what I am going to do for doors too.  Keep the ones I have which don't really fit right, or make new ones that are inset. Or something else all together. 

Happy 4th to you.


  1. Girl you are busy! I love the little feet. And the wood top still makes my heart go pitter pat! I can't wait to see it.

  2. It looks REALLY good so far! Love the idea of adding the feet. Can't wait to see the final product!