Lazy Susan

I am now a huge fan of lazy susans.  I've been to Bed Bath and Beyond three times this week to pick up more and more.  It all started with adding some to my pantry for canned goods, but then I thought how great would it be in the bathroom.

I overhauled my linen closet and bath vanity.  Pitching and Organizing.  Cleaning and Organizing again.

No more reaching and looking in a bottomless basket.  I give the lazy susan a whirl and I know exactly what I have.

I put three of then in my linen closet alone.  One 12 inch  holds my various large bottles, One 9 inch  holds various medicines and the last 9 inch  holds all those teeny tiny bottles.

My updated bath vanity received a new white shelf liner and a large 12 inch susan.  I spin spin spin it and smile.  Adding the second shelf into my vanity creates storage I never had before.  I am one happy gal.

P.S. Are you spying at the board and batten?  I have to paint up the doors and then I'll share my bath makeover with you.  I know I am dyin' to share it.


The Diet that changed me

I know this is not something I typically write about, but it has been 6 weeks since I tried a diet that changed my life.  

You see the rock candy.  Well basically that is what I felt like eating all the time.  In one form or another, I was consuming huge amounts of sugar.  Bread. Pasta. Gatorade. Granola Bars. Carrots.  Honey. Jellybeans.  
Everything in high amounts of sugar.  I needed it.  I craved it.  I lived off it.

I woke up one morning doing my normal routine and headed into the office.  I had my usual PB on white english muffin and glass of honey hot water on the way to work.  I had a 9 am meeting and by 10 am I felt horrible.  Dizzy.  Out of it.  
I sucked down a Gatorade and ate a yogurt loaded with chemicals- ya know, fat free but with stuff you can't pronounce.

This was just the beginning.  The entire week I felt progressively worse.  Dizzy all the time.  Out of it.  Fear I was going to faint.  I thought I was hypoglycemic because that is what the doctors always told me.  Your blood sugar is crashing too fast, eat more.  So I ate more of the sugary stuff.

By the end of the week, I was sick to my stomach and felt like I was dying.  I went to the doctor and insisted they run every test they could.  Full blood work up, allergy test and parasite test.  That was the day I decided to completely revamp my diet.  That was a Friday.

Slowly I eliminated all processed foods and lived off a higher protein low carb diet.  Another week went by and I still felt bad.  My blood work and all my tests were negative, but do you know by the following Friday I woke up feeling like a million bucks?  It was amazing.  Life was new again.

Since then, I dropped 10lbs, am no longer bloated and my skin has never looked better.  I don't follow a strict diet, but I have not eaten cookies, pie, ice cream, cake in 6 weeks.  I don't miss it.

To curb my craving, I do eat fruit with greek yogurt, fruit with cottage cheese.  Almond butter on a rice cake.  I eat full, big meals with lots of veggies and little carb.  If I want Italian dinner, I make sure there is a protein, either fish or chicken along side the pasta.  I limit the pasta to the size of my palm.

Some may think this is a drag, but the way I feel surpasses the 30 seconds of joy I would get from eating something that makes me feel crappy later.


Bathroom Progress and Organization

We took a little weekend trip to a music festival to come home to a little bit of a debacle. There was a lightning storm while we were away and it zapped our home alarm, sprinkler control box, stove, computer router, pool pump and I'm not even sure what else at the moment.  Needless to say, we are so thankful it is not worse and glad there wasn't a fire.

In the midst of all of this, I am on stay-cation and tackling lots of things.
Two projects in the works
1. regrouting and caulking the tub surround
2. organizing office files

The tub I couldn't be happier with.  Here is a shot after I scraped out all the old loose grout.
I used my Dremel, a razor blade and a small tile saw.  It was not fun, but the end result is amazing.  I'll share soon after I finish up.

The file organization came in a late at night spurt.  I was sick and tired of the files bursting at the seams.  I emptied everything and purged anything and everything that I didn't have to have.  I have been slowly building a filing system with binders.  I'll share those too as soon as I can.
Enjoy your week!


NY Weekend Trip

Hubs and I took a last minute trip to the Catskills on Saturday to see a Midnight Ramble at Levon Helm's studio.  This was a our 4th time and we were not disappointed.  I wanted to share with you this lovely B&B we stayed at.  It is in the heart of Woodstock, NY and is just a gem.


Bath Vanity- Ripping Some More Trim

Little by little the vanity is being transformed.  I've spent every night this past week and part of the weekend sprucing this little baby up.  I've changed my mind more than a dozen times along the way.
The sink and faucet are sitting gingerly awaiting to be hooked up.  They've been moved back and forth to the bathroom, you guessed it, a dozen times.
The countertop saw many changes this past week starting with the hole for the drain and the faucet.
The vessel sink is from Lowe's.  The brand is Aquasource and I love how large and deep the bowl is.  The directions left a lot to be desired, but I found new friends in blogland that gave me some tips.
I laid the template as directed and had Hubs use the hole saw for the drill to make a gaping circle.
You'll see later on that I ended up using my jig to cut the square out on the template.  I didn't like that the drain wasn't tight against the sink.
All that cutting and fear of messing up the countertop!  I moved on and decided I wanted storage space in the vanity.  I custom fit some shelves. First I installed scrap beadboard on the back just because I like how pretty it makes everything look.
 I installed a shelf with a "U" cut out for the p-trap.
I tried routing the countertop edges.  This was the first time ever I busted out the bad boy.  But I ended up hating it.  Because the countertop is made from planks, the tongue and groove didn't look right routed. Sorry I don't have a picture.
However, an awesome thing happened today!  I bought a table saw and it is AMAZING.  I was able to rip matching cherry trim from other planks and I love how it looks.  Clean.  Streamlined.  Beautiful. The board and batten is going up.  Onward.

Thanks to Our Vintage Home Love for inspiring me to do this.  Check out their barn wood counter.


Bath Vanity- Trim

What takes most of the day and lots of patience?  Deciding and installing trim on the bath vanity. 

I had HUGE HIGH HOPES today to accomplish a lot more.  
I went to Lowes to scope out a faucet and a new vessel sink.  The one I originally bought had a defect.  Always check the box before leaving the store!

I ended up buying the exact same vessel sink and the only vessel faucet in chrome they had.
My cart was loaded up with wood and supplies and I was now on a mission.
However, funny thing happened once I got home.  I decided I wanted a NAP.  Hey, it's a holiday and a girl deserves a nap.  

A little while later, I got my act together.  Slowly.
There were moments I was tempted to pitch the vanity again, but I broke out some scrap molding.

A lot of hammering and tugging and I yanked out the broken toe kick.  I prayed the whole cabinet wouldn't fall apart.  While the toe kick was off I discovered how lazy my tile guy was.  The tile is installed underneath the cabinet, except for one whole tile in the far right corner.  What???  Go figure considering I had a entire box of tiles left.  Oh and there is no grout underneath either.  LAZY.

Trial and error with many different moldings, I found some floor molding to make a new toe kick.
Happy dance, but a little boring.
Some cove type trim that I found in my stash helped perk up the vanity.  Some boards on the side panel also started to bring this vanity to life.

I picked up these little feet at Lowes.  The screw came right out once I clamped my Hubs vice around it. They fit perfectly.  No kidding.
I have a lot of nail filling, caulking and painting to do, but I am liking the look of the vanity.  The bummer of the day, however, soon appeared...the faucet came with a drain, but it's the wrong one.  I need one with overflow :(.    Back to the store tomorrow.

I am debating if I want to install shelves in the cabinet and paint the inside.  I need to decide what I am going to do for doors too.  Keep the ones I have which don't really fit right, or make new ones that are inset. Or something else all together. 

Happy 4th to you.


Bathroom Redo- Taking Apart the Vanity

Today was the day I decided to tackle this project.  I didn't get very far because I fell into a state of indecisiveness.   The kind where I wonder what I am doing and panic.  I even went to Lowes and Home Depot scouting out new vanities just to see if I REALLY liked something.

Good thing is I got my wits back and decided I just need to persevere.

The vanity has been dismantled.  I even had Hubs see if there was tile underneath it.  Ya know, because I was crazy thinking I wanted to spends hundreds on a new one.

Back to my senses.  A fresh coat of paint with my new wood top and vessel sink...I think I will be back in business.

The Before:

Here is a mock up just to settle my visual needs. 

 The Mock Up:

 I'll be off to get some trim to beef up the cabinet and find a faucet tomorrow. 
I am dreaming of some board and batten too with a beefier mirror.
(That hole on the left floor was from me eager to see if there was tile underneath.  
There is, but only partially).