Valance with Bat Wings

All I could do was laugh. Out loud. And then frown and stomp my feet.

I spent hours cutting, pinning, sewing, ironing, shirring and here is the results.

Valance with bat wings. I had shirring tape on the sides and hated that. I ripped that out and now I have bat wings.

I am thinking that I just don't like it AT ALL.

Maybe Euro Pillow instead and a simple valance with coordinating fabric with out birds???


  1. Oh, no! That's too bad. The fabric is awesome though.

  2. I'm just impressed your made the valance..I wouldn't know where to begin!! I do love the yellow :)

  3. You need to add a pleat at the top where you have the tape/rings. That adds fabric so that it's a more relaxed look. The fabric is really pretty!

  4. loving the fabric...so pretty!!