Ottoman Slipcover- Part 1

Here is how I slipcovered the ottoman. I sorta winged it, so don't trust me :)

1. Because I had a pattern on my fabric, I ironed my pining line by eye balling where the pattern ended. See all those little points lined up.

2. Once I did that, I checked for fit on top of the ottoman. The ironed line matches up to the edge of the ottoman.

3. I pinned my piping as shown below with the raw edge pointing down. I used my ironed line as my guide. See how my piping stitching is pinned right over that line.

4. I pinned all the way around. Clipping around the corners just as you do with a pillow.

5. This is how I joined the piping. Overlap and cover with excess fabric. The picture explains it a little better, I hope. At this point, stitch with your zipper foot right over you existing stitch line on the piping. I learned to hug it real close. The closer the better.


  1. Thanks so much for this post! I have a double welt trim to do this week! I hope it turns out as well! And yes, I did cry a little:)

  2. love the fabric.. love the piping! i finished up my lil princess ottoman slipcover.. but didn't do the piping.. wishing i had. :(

  3. That turned out great. Love the fabric. Looks like a lot of work though, eek!

  4. Great job on the ottoman! my vote... paint those legs!

  5. Wow! I am so impressed! Piping makes me nervous!