Office Organization

I gave my office a clean sweep in a dire fit of "I've had it" moments. Of course I have no before pictures as I just started throwing stuff in the hall to clear the room.

In a matter of moments, the room was torn apart and shelves were put up. Shelves were found in the basement and reused here. I am loving the storage and how it frees up the desk space. I am preparing for more room as I have new fabric on the way. I need elbow room to figure out how to make new curtains for my kitchen and bedroom.

My favorite --- magazine boxes from Ikea and snazzy blue boxes from Target.

Source List:

Magazine boxes: IKEA
Shelves and tracks: One of the big box stores
Initial C: One of the home goods stores
Apple: Home Goods
Hat box: Great-grandmothers! My wedding veil is in there.
Mini Drawers: Wal-mart. They house my Cricut and sewing supplies.


  1. I love this little area, the stripes make it so cute!

  2. I've had my fair share of 'I've had it' moments as well...only my stuff tends to end up in a garbage bag! Your shelves look so organized and spacious. I love the stripes on your wall and the cute little pig on your desk! Thanks for your encouraging comments on my family room!