Euro Pillow

So my valance didn't turn out, but I love the fabric so much I decided to tear it all apart and make some Euro Pillows. I decided on an envelope back just because I had to piece the pillow anyway due to the fabric I had.

I am loving them, but I want to add a little something. I think I am either going to take apart and add piping or ruffles. I need to tighten up the corners too. Too floppy.

I just keep telling myself all the changes just keep teaching me new things.


  1. Love the pillow! We have the same fabric in our master for curtains in the robins blue! We must have similar tastes :) thanks for stopping by today - can't wait to see your ottoman!!! Anne :)

  2. I love the pillow...just as I thought I would!

  3. I love the fabric, too. They will add a nice pop of color to a room! You have more patience than me...I hate to rip things apart.