Nothing New - Ribbon Trimmed Drapes

These are nothing new, but I've been admiring them for a while.  I decided to just do it.  Each panel took about an hour to attach two rows of ribbon, iron and hang the drapes.

P.S. There's my new ottoman.  Should I paint the legs white?

My panels are twin sheets from Target. They wash beautifully. The ribbon is in navy from Michael's. I used Stitch Witchery to attach.  I made the rod pocket by folding over the top hem.


Ottoman Slipcover- Part 1

Here is how I slipcovered the ottoman. I sorta winged it, so don't trust me :)

1. Because I had a pattern on my fabric, I ironed my pining line by eye balling where the pattern ended. See all those little points lined up.

2. Once I did that, I checked for fit on top of the ottoman. The ironed line matches up to the edge of the ottoman.

3. I pinned my piping as shown below with the raw edge pointing down. I used my ironed line as my guide. See how my piping stitching is pinned right over that line.

4. I pinned all the way around. Clipping around the corners just as you do with a pillow.

5. This is how I joined the piping. Overlap and cover with excess fabric. The picture explains it a little better, I hope. At this point, stitch with your zipper foot right over you existing stitch line on the piping. I learned to hug it real close. The closer the better.


Ottoman Gets the Slip

Hope your weekend was great.
I worked on a slipcovering an old ottoman.

I'll share some tips I learned along the way, but for now here's a peak of her skirt.
P.S. I am linking up to this party.


Pillow Tutorial

I'm sharing some photos of my pillow making process. They are shots of what I figured out along the way. If you google search on piping you'll find lots of fine tutorials out there. I checked out about a dozen over the last week (and made some great friends along the way). I chose to make envelope pillows as well. Lots of great tips if you google that too.

1. Pin your piping as pictured to the front piece of your pillow. Raw edges facing out. I had previously drawn my seam line around the perimeter of the pillow. I just matched up the piping stitching to that line.

2. When you get to the point where you need to join the piping, you'll fit it as pictured covering with excess fabric.

4. I sewed the piping to the fabric front by keeping my zipper foot hugged up against the piping. Below is a picture of how I cared for where the piping meets.

5. Finished front of pillow with piping stitched on.

6. Lay the shortest back panel on first and stitch. The wider back panel goes on top. This way when you flip it inside out your envelope is in the middle.

7. Keep that zipper foot hugged up against the piping as you sandwich the two pieces together. Once done, push out the corners and flip the case inside out. Iron and then stuff your pillow form in.

Pillows and Pillowtops

See any difference between the two pillows?
I think it's a small change with huge impact. The piping pulled the fabric in making the form less droopy and the finished edge is exactly what I pictured.

I also wanted to share the best $50 bucks I ever spent. I was on the verge of buying a new mattress getting very frustrated with the cost. Our mattress has the "sag" going on. On a whim, I picked up one of these mattress toppers (shown in picture above) in my local Macy's. It was on sale and I had a coupon. It is their Hotel Collection brand.

I can honestly tell you I feel like I am sleeping in a high class hotel. Hands down. Not too much cushion, but enough to cover up the sag. Hubs loves it. He can't stop talking about it.

Euro Pillow

So my valance didn't turn out, but I love the fabric so much I decided to tear it all apart and make some Euro Pillows. I decided on an envelope back just because I had to piece the pillow anyway due to the fabric I had.

I am loving them, but I want to add a little something. I think I am either going to take apart and add piping or ruffles. I need to tighten up the corners too. Too floppy.

I just keep telling myself all the changes just keep teaching me new things.


Valance with Bat Wings

All I could do was laugh. Out loud. And then frown and stomp my feet.

I spent hours cutting, pinning, sewing, ironing, shirring and here is the results.

Valance with bat wings. I had shirring tape on the sides and hated that. I ripped that out and now I have bat wings.

I am thinking that I just don't like it AT ALL.

Maybe Euro Pillow instead and a simple valance with coordinating fabric with out birds???


Cascade Valance Inspiration

I've had this image saved on my desktop for a long time. I have no idea where I pulled it from, but I just love the valances. I've been googling cascade, relaxed roman shade, london shade, etc. for days trying to find a simple solution to make these.

Of course nothing is simple, but I am determined to make a variation for my two bedroom windows. AND...just my luck the fabric I picked has these silly birds...so I have to account for spacing. I hope not to slice a bird in half as I whip these up :)

Pray for me. Be back later.


Kitchen Color- Valance Reveal

Tonight I finished up the kitchen valances. Done.
Not bad for $11.86 and oh wow about 6 hours of head scratching sewing.
I am very happy with them. They are a little wonky and I had to use my seam ripper a lot.
But hey, the first piece of trim I installed is still wonky and I live with it.

I'm thinking of possibly adding white pom pom trim to the bottom of the valances. Maybe.
The pattern is "Anderson" by Premier Fabrics. I ordered from Fabric.com.

I popped over to my Dad's this afternoon to get started on the other bedroom. SCARY stuff going on. Avocado green walls, wallpaper and lots of steam...I'll share more later.

Kitchen Color- Valance

I will disclose that the first try was almost a crying moment. I was on the verge. I spent about an 2 hours cutting, pinning, sewing, ironing...only to find out the valance was WAY to long and not wide enough. I like a lot of flounce. I was ready to pitch it all in the garbage as I didn't think I bought enough fabric.

I ended up doing some piecing and one valance is now done and OH SO CUTE.

Here is a sneak peak at my steps along the way. I'll share the valances once I finish up the last one and hang in the kitchen.

The yellow brings a HUGE smile to my face (even today when it's cloudy outside.)

TIP: I lined my valances with white twin sheets. I like the weight and finished appearance the lining gives.

When you sew, just think you are making a big pillow case.
Sew the long sides first inside out.

Iron open seams.
Flip right side out. Iron.
Sew rod pocket.
Fold in side seams.

StichWitch side seams.


Office Organization

I gave my office a clean sweep in a dire fit of "I've had it" moments. Of course I have no before pictures as I just started throwing stuff in the hall to clear the room.

In a matter of moments, the room was torn apart and shelves were put up. Shelves were found in the basement and reused here. I am loving the storage and how it frees up the desk space. I am preparing for more room as I have new fabric on the way. I need elbow room to figure out how to make new curtains for my kitchen and bedroom.

My favorite --- magazine boxes from Ikea and snazzy blue boxes from Target.

Source List:

Magazine boxes: IKEA
Shelves and tracks: One of the big box stores
Initial C: One of the home goods stores
Apple: Home Goods
Hat box: Great-grandmothers! My wedding veil is in there.
Mini Drawers: Wal-mart. They house my Cricut and sewing supplies.


Gallery Wall

The Inspired Room is hosting a party dedicated to gallery walls. I've had fun putting mine together and like the clean lines. I bought my acrylic frames at AC Moore. They have 4 clips that hold the frame together. I purchased crisp white mattes from AC Moore as well. Sometimes the clips don't hang on the nail real well. To the rescue is 3M Command velcro. I use the small strips specifically made for picture hanging. Not a frame has fallen down since.


Inspiration- Green and Blue


Maybe because it's starting to get spring like around here. I just love this photo.
The apple green curtains make me smile and really gets me in the mood to inject some color in the my place. I've been going neutral for a while, but I think it's about time to add some pattern.

Fabric.com is shipping some fun fabric my way. Cross your fingers that I can tackle all that I hope to do. Slipcover ottoman, make valences, make pillows...


Fabric Love

Source: Fabric.com

Hi All!
Busy little bee over in this neck of the woods. I finally got my camera all squared away so I'll be sharing pics of the bedroom makeover soon.

In the meantime, I've been eyeing these lovely yellow fabrics and took the plunge to order me up one for some new window treatments.

Have a great week!