Ikea Roadtrip Finds

Ikea Roadtrip. Such fun. I hadn't been to Ikea in a long, long time.
Hubs and I went right before we moved into our house, but walked around not knowing what we needed.
We left without buying a thing!

My girlfriend and I took the hour ride this morning and opened the store up.
I had such fun looking at everything on display.
I worked up an appetite and I can vouch that the swedish meatball dish is all THAT.

I ended up not getting either of the big ticket items I went for.
I liked the Jennylund chair, but I didn't LOVE it.
So I'll see if I find something else.
I then liked the Tullsta chair, but didn't like the colors it came in.
I thought the outdoor furniture set was a little small and quality was so so.

I ended up getting a cart full of home organizing bins.
Surprise. Surprise.

Here is the majority of our CD collection categorized.
While we have most of our collection on iTunes, it's nice to keep the actual CDs organized and easy to find.

Again, sorry for the poor picture, as my camera is still dead.
I put the CDs into boxes alphabetically, with a few limited just to the artist.
I will admit, assembling the boxes was a bit of a pain.
Yet, you can't beat the price and the quality of the boxes.
Sturdy. Crisp White. Lovely.

I also bought a wall rack for my laundry room.
I'll share it in the space once I hang it.

Hope you enjoyed your Saturday.
I'll be working on the "sage" bedroom tomorrow.
Finishing up the floor, installing the trim.
Hope I can get it done before the family comes back from vacation.


  1. My friend Stephanie and I just had the same road trip to Ikea of Friday. We too didn't buy any large items, mostly kitchen stuff! Lots of fun!

  2. LOVE ikead :) just made a road trip myself this weekend and did not leave empty handed... :)