Bedroom- In Progress

I worked my little tail off today finishing up the bedroom floor to the doorway and into the closet. The first 4 hours of my day were spent finishing up the floor. I found a tiny crack, of course had to fuss with it, and then decided to remove four rows of planking to fix it. I kept telling myself, don't fret, you are doing it right. Type A all the way. Then the doorways gave me a hassle, but I kept at it. Undercut the door jambs and the flooring is now rockin'.

10 rootin' tootin' hours later the new baseboards and casings are up. I'm sad to say that my compressor was acting funny so my nails from the gun weren't sinking all the way. I have to go back, hand sink them in, fill and caulk the seams. That is for another day.

Hope you had a blessed Sunday.


  1. It's looking great! I love your wall color.

  2. Love the hardwood in the bedroom. I need that bad & get rid of my ugly carpet. Great job!