Bedroom- In Progress

I worked my little tail off today finishing up the bedroom floor to the doorway and into the closet. The first 4 hours of my day were spent finishing up the floor. I found a tiny crack, of course had to fuss with it, and then decided to remove four rows of planking to fix it. I kept telling myself, don't fret, you are doing it right. Type A all the way. Then the doorways gave me a hassle, but I kept at it. Undercut the door jambs and the flooring is now rockin'.

10 rootin' tootin' hours later the new baseboards and casings are up. I'm sad to say that my compressor was acting funny so my nails from the gun weren't sinking all the way. I have to go back, hand sink them in, fill and caulk the seams. That is for another day.

Hope you had a blessed Sunday.


Ikea Roadtrip Finds

Ikea Roadtrip. Such fun. I hadn't been to Ikea in a long, long time.
Hubs and I went right before we moved into our house, but walked around not knowing what we needed.
We left without buying a thing!

My girlfriend and I took the hour ride this morning and opened the store up.
I had such fun looking at everything on display.
I worked up an appetite and I can vouch that the swedish meatball dish is all THAT.

I ended up not getting either of the big ticket items I went for.
I liked the Jennylund chair, but I didn't LOVE it.
So I'll see if I find something else.
I then liked the Tullsta chair, but didn't like the colors it came in.
I thought the outdoor furniture set was a little small and quality was so so.

I ended up getting a cart full of home organizing bins.
Surprise. Surprise.

Here is the majority of our CD collection categorized.
While we have most of our collection on iTunes, it's nice to keep the actual CDs organized and easy to find.

Again, sorry for the poor picture, as my camera is still dead.
I put the CDs into boxes alphabetically, with a few limited just to the artist.
I will admit, assembling the boxes was a bit of a pain.
Yet, you can't beat the price and the quality of the boxes.
Sturdy. Crisp White. Lovely.

I also bought a wall rack for my laundry room.
I'll share it in the space once I hang it.

Hope you enjoyed your Saturday.
I'll be working on the "sage" bedroom tomorrow.
Finishing up the floor, installing the trim.
Hope I can get it done before the family comes back from vacation.


Road Trip

Hi All.
My camera is dead.
I can't get it to wake up. I think the battery is shot. Second one.
I'm off to IKEA tomorrow with my gal pal and we are going to do some serious looking.
I'm scoping out the Jennylund chair.
We'll see if she makes it home.

Have a great weekend.


Bedroom - A start

My stepmother loved Sarah Richardson's farmhouse bedroom. She used the photo from this post as her inspiration. Taking cue from the richness of the walls, a deep sage was selected.
My stepmother jumped in and tackled painting the ceiling (flat white) and the walls all by herself. She did such a rockin' job.

Lowes Valspar Paint and Primer went on like butter and the walls have a deep warmth that makes me want to snuggle up in fluffy white bedding.

Today we picked out some extra chunky trim and will be replacing all the casing and floor moldings. I love it. It's MDF and standing tall. I'll be cutting, mitering and nailing it all in this weekend.

The photos are of the progress so far. I apologize for the quality, but my camera's battery was dead. These are from my phone in a last ditch effort to capture the progress as of today.

My dad and I installed the flooring last weekend. (Can I just tell you I couldn't walk the next day! I felt like I had done 2,000 squats. Whew. Legs were a burnin'.)

The flooring is from Home Depot and is a floating floor. Tarkett Genesis line.
It was sort of a pain at first since the click and lock was tricky, but once we got the hang of it, it went down nice, but not easy. I had nightmares that when I came back today it was going to be all "unclicked", but it looks fabulous. I am jealous. You would think it was something that was finished onsite.

I'll be sure to share some real photos later.

Just so you have an idea of what the entire house was like, here's a shot of the hall and the next bedroom to tackle. Flower wallpaper EVERYWHERE. Dingy carpet that has seen better days and dinky moldings and trims. I grew up in this house and it has sentimental value, but I am all aboard to get this home updated and fresh. See the dark walnut doors. They will be getting an update!


Mirror Mirror

I am thinking of purchasing one of these mirrors.
They are very similar, but one costs much less.
Which one do you like?

(Source: Image #1 HomeDecorators.com Image #2 BallardDesigns.com)


Outdoor Furniture

source: IKEA

It's supposed to be close to 70 degrees tomorrow and I am itching to get our pool house cleaned out and open for business.

I found this lounge set on Ikea website. Any of you seen it in person?
I think the price is fantastic to comparable products, just curious of it's durability, etc.


And the winner is Allisha from Cooking My Way,2011. Congrats. I'll be in touch.

Thanks to all for entering.



Bedroom Inspiration

Here's a peak at the inspiration photo for the bedroom that I am helping to bring into life.
My stepmother and I are off to the big box stores tonight to pick out trim.

I shared with her many different photos and she was immediately drawn to the one from Sarah Richardson. The Blessed Nest shared a collage of them detailing Sarah's farmhouse.

P.S. Don't forget about the giveaway.


Don't Forget- Giveaway

Hi All. Don't forget about the giveaway.

This is your chance to get some beautiful ideas for that room of yours that you just can't stand right now.

I've been busy working over at my dad's house. Ripping out trim, laying wood floor and encouraging the family to bring the house into 2011. Of course, I didn't bring my camera, but I will be sure to snap some shots of the new floor and next steps this week.

Have a great week. Bring on Wednesday!


Giveaway- Your Own Design Board

I am so giddy with excitement... and have been waiting to do this...
all the while sitting on the edge of my seat.
Michelle at Second Street East is the sweetest gal and has such an eye for decorating.
I contacted her to create me a design board for the TV Room.
Can I tell you she nailed it?
She put together what I couldn't visualize.

As as thank you to my followers, you have the chance to have Michelle create you your very own design board. She's wonderful to work with and keeps her design within your budget.

To enter, ensure you are a follower, and leave me a comment on this post indicating what room you really need help with and why it is such a thorn in your side.
A winner will be picked at random. The giveaway will be up for a week, ending next Wednesday 10pm EST.


TV Room Makeover

Hold on to your hats.
This humm drumm needs a little spice in my life room is on it's way to a makeover.
Stay tuned for the changes.
It's all in the accessories.
All in the placement of furniture.


Ceiling Fan Redo

Drab to Fab with one can of spray primer and one can of satin spray paint.
There was no need to buy a new fan when paint can spruce it up.
I turned the power to the fan off.
Removed the screws to the light kit, fan paddles and fan base plate that were all in tacky brass.

A couple of light coats of primer and paint each.

The fan was back together few hours later and VIOLA!

Tips: I covered inside of light kit with blue tap so the electrical connections didn't get sprayed.
I sprayed all my screws by standing them up on old piece of packing styrofoam. They stood up like soldiers. Covered beautifully.