Cost Saving- Groceries


So I've tried many different ways to save money on groceries.
Home Delivery
Checking Circulars
Setting a Budget
Eating Oatmeal and Ramen (kidding)

You know, spending money on food, it can get expensive.
Well, I am an ALDI convert. I don't know what happened, but I know some friends and family that shop here and I decided to give it a shot.

Two weeks running and I have cut my food bill in half. HALF. I don't buy everything at ALDI, but I buy enough to see a difference in my bill. And truth be told, we haven't eaten anything we don't like yet.

Here's the run down.
I buy bread, snacks, drinks, some produce, canned goods, cereal, and even a rouge men's deodorant in ALDI.
I shop my local butcher shop/deli for meat, salads, Italian bread.
I haven't had the need to go to my local grocery store yet, but I'm not opposed to picking up some organic items there.

So far, my ALDI bill has been between $35 to $40 a week and my Butcher shop bill has been about the same (less the time I came home with store made lasagna because I love it so much).

This is HALF of what I typically would pay in my local food store, local Target, Wal-mart, etc. While my roughly $120-160 spending did include household items, such as laundry detergent, TP, soap, etc, I still think I am saving on the goods.

I'll let you know how the 4 weeks end up and if I still saved with my new shopping stores.
I'd like to hear how you are saving money and tips you have.


  1. Nice tips, I think we have an ALDI close by. I will have to give it a shot! My tips for saving are probably weird, but here goes. I get all of our meat from a local farm. We purchase a yearly share and then pick it up once a month. Also in the summer we have a vegetable share from another local farm. Great veggies, awesome price. Make my own bread and yogurt and have our milk delivered from the dairy. Don't laugh:) I get all of our other items at the regular grocery.

  2. Oh..love Aldi. That is where I buy milk when Kroger's does not have it on sale. My main tip...well since I did a rotation at Kroger, I get the employee discount which is 10% off Kroger brand....so I am a Kroger brand NUT. :)I am super penny pincher with school and I try to spend less than $60 total a week on groceries. Granted we are probably skimming the bottom of the barrel in nutrition but I do what I need to do these 3 years...so close to being done. I do note that about @ 4 pm, Krogers and Meijers will discount their chickens in the deli and I scoop one up every week to use for all its rotisserie goodness.

    I can't wait to hear more tips. :)


  3. we have one close by.. but i admit, i had NO idea what it was! LOL

  4. No Aldi close to us, at least the closest would be over an hour away. I shop the specials weekly, buy meats when they are on special, and keep stocked up. Your bedroom and laundry look great. We are finishing up our kitchen, and it is finally coming together. Jackie

  5. I love ALDI, I hate to have to go the another grocery store for anything as it's always twice what I would spend at ALDI. Love how your ceiling fan turned out.