Bedroom Furniture- Prep

I started this morning about 9am on the bedroom furniture.

About 5 hours later I accomplished this:

Moved all the furniture out of the bedroom to the garage with Hubs help. There were a couple of "Ow, watch my fingers, Watch the wall, Don't go so fast down the stairs" comments. All yelled out by yours truly.
I filled in these holes I created.

Took all the handles off and threw them and their screws into a baggie Ziploc style.
I used my orbital sander and about 5 sheets of paper to scuff up the surface. I also used my sanding block for areas I couldn't initially hit.

After some lunch, a couple loads of laundry, I wiped everything down 3 times. Let it dry.
Then the real fun began.
I mixed about a teaspoon of the Floetrol right into the quart of Behr paint. With foam roller and two different sized paint brushes, I ended up with one sweet looking coat of paint.

I am now drumming my fingers waiting for it to dry as I can't wait to get the second coat on.


  1. First of all---I'm jealous you are working in your garage this time of year! Second, those are great peices, they are going to look awesome!

  2. looks like your project is going well! {minus a few bruised fingers?} our projects are also going well.. primer is on the chest, and foyer has it's trim & base coat on! love the smell of success on a sunday morning... :)

  3. How exciting! Just one coat of white paint and those things have been brought into the 21st century. Can't wait to see what they look like when done.

  4. Oooh I can't wait to see the finished pieces! Looking great so far. I am working on my guest bathroom cabinetry now..but its taking me forever!

  5. Looking good already...can't wait to see it all finished! ~Deb~

  6. oh man, love furniture painted white...can't wait to see yours!

  7. Excited to see the end results! They're already looking much-improved:)

  8. hi ya! stop by my neighborhood to see who got an award! ;)