Bath Vanity - Decisions


I am just a tad bit indecisive. The bath reno is a few months off, but Home Depot was running a sale this weekend so I picked up the vanity I was eyeing. I love the sink top. The vanity is pretty solid, much more so than the one I have now, but I was not crazy about the color. I brought it home to try it out. It's waiting for it's haul up the stairs to see.

I got to thinking if HD is having a sale, well, then possibly Lowes was too. I checked their website and swooned a little at this Allen Roth vanity. Near identical size, but a rich cherry finish. I really thought I wanted white, but then this kinda matches my kitchen cabinets, which I love and I was thinking of using left over wood flooring...hmmm.


My current bath

More decisions to be made.
Vanity choice. Dark wood, medium wood or paint it white.
Flooring choice. Cherry wood or white hex tile.
Wall color. Never liked the baby blue. It was all wrong to begin with. White Beadboard?

My bath is really small and this is the only full one in the house. It's not so bad with just Hubs and I, but rather boring.

I gave it a mini facelift about 10 years ago. I found the Corian top on eBay for $50, purchased the faucet and new doors. Painted it white. And the counter was an Off White, not my first choice but for $50 I didn't mind.

I want a smaller vanity to make the space seen bigger. Notice how close the door is to the vanity now. The knob constantly gets in the way! We tend to keep the door open more often than not, just because it gets stuffy in there.


  1. I'm obsessed with white bead board, so that gets my vote! As far as making it look bigger goes, maybe a pedestal sink? Although that would eliminate your storage.

    I'm sure whatever you do will be adorable!

    Mary Grace

  2. I say whichever vanity is cheaper...take it. I am all about hexagonal tiles and beadboard. You have all the elements of something special...I can not wait to see more.


  3. There are so many decisions to make when renovating...it's fun though! Beadboard gets my vote for sure...love it! ~Deb~

  4. i say hexagon tiles, white cabinet, and beadboard!

  5. I love both of those vanity choices, so I don't think you can go wrong with either one. I think beadboard would look great in there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. So glad you did! I'm a new follower.

  6. I have the same vanity, it's kind of generic, but I like the storage. Soo, I skirted it to add some softness and color. And it looks so custom. Just attached with velcro so I can change/wash it.