Man Cave Update 2

Wow. What a December. Talk about a blurry, flurry of activity at home, at work, at other people's homes. Non stop big doins.
Hope you had a super duper Christmas. We spent time with family, ate way tooooo much and enjoyed a little snow too. I am very blessed.

Last I posted I showed the latest on the man cave.

It's been crazy trying to get more done. I am happy to say I redid the floor. I had to take half of it up and put it all back together again, but it looks great. We painted (Hubs and I together). I usually do all the painting, but it was a great help with him this time around.

I've been working on the stair shelves for the last couple of weekends and they are now ready for paint. PHEW. It was a long haul. We decided on just two shelves for books and stuff and a space below for Hubs guitar and music goods.

I had a real hard time figuring out how to box in the poles, but considering the wavy gravy-ness of everything, they turned out pretty good.

On to caulk and paint. Enjoy your New Years Eve....I'm off to dinner.


  1. It is all coming together my dear! You should be so proud...it will be a great man cave.


  2. Nice! The paint will make such a difference. Happy New Year!