Man Cave Update 2

Wow. What a December. Talk about a blurry, flurry of activity at home, at work, at other people's homes. Non stop big doins.
Hope you had a super duper Christmas. We spent time with family, ate way tooooo much and enjoyed a little snow too. I am very blessed.

Last I posted I showed the latest on the man cave.

It's been crazy trying to get more done. I am happy to say I redid the floor. I had to take half of it up and put it all back together again, but it looks great. We painted (Hubs and I together). I usually do all the painting, but it was a great help with him this time around.

I've been working on the stair shelves for the last couple of weekends and they are now ready for paint. PHEW. It was a long haul. We decided on just two shelves for books and stuff and a space below for Hubs guitar and music goods.

I had a real hard time figuring out how to box in the poles, but considering the wavy gravy-ness of everything, they turned out pretty good.

On to caulk and paint. Enjoy your New Years Eve....I'm off to dinner.


Man Cave Update

Home stretch now baby.
Almost ready for primer.
Wall heater installed.
Switched up some electrical placement.
Taped wall seams.
Spackled. Twice.
Impatiently waiting.
Grunting at the floor I have to pull up.
Know that it's next on my to do list.

Heading to bed so I don't have to face it tonight.
Dreaming about what kind of shelves to build under the stairs.


Laundry Room- Drywall

The boys around here were movin'. They covered some serious ground this weekend. The place is still a wreck, but I love seeing the room come together.
Laundry is 95% hooked up. What a job that was to move all the plumbing, venting, electric. Worth every penny though. I ran out to Lowe's twice to get recessed boxes for all the connections just because I am silly like that. You can't even see them behind the monster machines stacked tall.

The man cave has drywall, rough electric and is ready for taping tomorrow. Messy job, glad I am not doing it. Hubs is bartering work and I can sit back and watch someone else do it. Don't worry, I have a royal pain of a job ahead of me. The floor. I figured out today that I have to talk half the floor up first. The planks interlock on all sides, so they can't just be pieced in. Oh well.

The blue tape on the walls is my way of seeing if the TV placement is correct. The box on the left is for a wall heater. Since we use our wood stove to heat our home, the furnace rarely comes on. The wall heater takes the chill off the basement when Hubs is down there.

We'll see how the next phase goes.


Laundry Room- Worse Before Better

It always gets worse before it gets better with construction type projects.
The dust, the dirt, the decisions to be made.
I have to say, tearing down one itty bitty wall makes all the difference.

Washer and dryer are moved out awaiting their new home. I can't believe I don't have one piece of laundry at the moment to wash...give that a day.

Here is the wall my machines are going to be installed on. The doorway will be flipped to the opposite side. Washer and dryer will remain stacked, but now I'll have room for cabinets and a folding table. I am in love with the idea of an actual folding table to stack clean clothes. It's the little things, ya know.

Here is a view from the man cave side. A 2 foot wall came down in front of the stairs and the wall in back is going to be pushed back about 4-5 feet. Hubs gains about 100 sq. feet. Enough for a couch, chair and TV. Perfect.

I have dreams for under the stairs...built in shelves. I need to find some more inspiration photos so if you have, do share. I need vision.

This week the plumber friend is hooking up my washer/dryer and completing our gas conversion. At the same time another friend is stopping by to help frame up the new walls.

I'll keep you posted.