Sewing Table Redo

I can't believe I don't have a before picture. What happened? I was so excited to find time to paint this baby that before I knew, shocker, gasp, there is no before picture.

I found this sewing table on the side of the road this past summer. Picture stained walnut color all nicked up.

A 2 minute sanding with my orbital, 2 coats of latex white primer, one coat of Brandywine Cream by Ben Moore and one coat of watered down White Dove by Ben...this is what I have.
I sanded well in between coats. The last sanding almost taking off the white completely. A real distressing party happened to0. My plan is to rub some Miniwax Paste Wax to seal it up.

What I am so excited about is that I now have freed up counter space and created Pet Central. An out of the way place to fashionably store the pet food. Hubs even thought it was great. No more cluttered counter.

I'm still deciding if I am going to reuse the handle or get a new snazzy one.

P.S. The red comforter looked like a sad, bright, red tomato across the king bed. It is going back. Still on the hunt

I'm linking up to Cottage Instincts. Such great stuff already there.



  1. Hi -
    Love seeing trash to treasure makeovers. This sewing table into pet food station is such a great idea. I also love the glass canisters. A white or black french enameled plaque or a chalkboard label with "Pet Central" or something pet worthy could be added in place of the handle for added interest.
    My best- Diane

  2. I have sooo many projects where I forget the before picture because I was too excited...that's the fun of doing this stuff:)

  3. Looking good Girl!! It really turned out great!!

    Art by Karena

  4. Great job!! I love it, and it was free. Have a great day.


  5. I painted an old sewing table very similar to that for my daughter's bedroom redo. We cut the legs down so it would fit better next to her lower bed, then gave it a coat of white paint. Would've love to distress it like yours, but she wanted 'straight white'--nothing shabby. :)

    Glad you could Mi4M!

  6. I have forgotten the "before" pics a lot. Especially with room redesigns. My mom has asewing table so I am well aware of the before...which makes the AFTER so awesome. You did a fabulous job.

    So sorry about the comforter....something is out there my dear. It is just waiting for you to find it.


  7. I believe that table is crying out for a crystal pull. But that's just me!

  8. Thanks for the comment, and I love that cute table! Go for something unusual for the knobs like old spoon or something!!!