Office - Craft Room

I really like having one space to do it all. To blog, to surf the Web, to sew, to read, to craft. So I bought another table and moved all my sewing and craft stuff from the basement upstairs to my office.

Kmart had a sale for Veteran's Day and I was able to get the same dining table I bought a year or maybe two years ago. Ship to Store is a great feature. Buy online and by magic you just walk in a pick it up.

I have one table for "office" type work. Hubs conducts his business type duties here.
The metal file cabinets are from Target and many moons old. They creek, get stuck and are rather dull. One day I'll find another solution.

I moved my revamped metal table to house the sewing and crafting gear. I love the blue in the room. I was throwing out a stack of old maps and fished them out of the garbage. They line the shelves. If I like them, I might Mod Podge them on or I was thinking of maybe laminating them for easy removal.

My second table is for crafting, sewing, having fun. I LOVE the amount of space. The jar has all my ribbon. Magazines for taking a moment and getting inspiration. My iPad just because I love this little thing. Frames found roadside and sprayed with a fun blue. Assorted books for reference.

Now mind you I am a piler. I love making piles. So give this room a week and there will be piles of stuff everywhere.

The closet got a cleaning up. A big garbage bag later and this is what I did.

All of Hubs business stuff is up top and to the side neatly organized. I bought the file boxes at Staples and this is where we store the once in a while files. One day I'll be brave enough to store it electronically and on CDs. I have a thing for paper. The red boxes have either supplies, assorted cards, or photos. The photos take up two boxes and need some organizational love.

The closet doors I installed many moons ago too. I know they can be cheesy, but I love how it opens up the room. Any don't mirrors have a touch of glam? :)

I'd like a rug, larger lamp, new chairs and an inspiration board for the wall. Winter project.
Have a great, fun, go get it done type of weekend!


  1. I just bought clear file boxes online as well - they are so nice! Our big old file cabinet is going bye bye. I love your stripes!!

  2. I really like your office/craft room! I also put our old farmhouse table in my sewing/craft loft. Much more room to work on a table. I seem to be a piler, too. I hate it. Wish I could be disciplined and keep it organized!

  3. Your closet is so organized... I am jealous, behind each closet door is a disaster waiting to fall over. I think you may have inspired me to clean 'em up! I have yet to get started on my office room, I like the way you separated the two tables, thinking that is a good idea!

  4. Love the desk! Even better that you have two now. And your striped walls are darling.