Laundry Room - Makeover #2

Hold on to your hats. Nothing stays the same around here. One thing leads to another and I am getting a new laundry room.

We are converting to natural gas and all the big appliances need to be converted by a professional. Hubs, with his mind ever going and negotiating skills prime, decided he wants to gain some extra man cave space. Out will come the washer and dryer and the wall on the right will go back as close to the furnace as we can allow.

It doesn't look like much, but this will gain some space for Hubs to hang his big screen and allow for built in storage under the stairs. He has tons of books and I'm all about the storage.

In the end, I'll get a more spacious laundry room. Doorways will flip and my washer and dryer will be moved.We just need to figure out the best place to run the new pipes, ducting and electrical.

The whole place is a mess right now and I have tons of pictures to take. I'll share, I promise, but right now I am fighting a head cold and am off for some rest. I'm getting my dust mask ready!

Here are some dreamy inspiration photos from Houzz.com


Office - Craft Room

I really like having one space to do it all. To blog, to surf the Web, to sew, to read, to craft. So I bought another table and moved all my sewing and craft stuff from the basement upstairs to my office.

Kmart had a sale for Veteran's Day and I was able to get the same dining table I bought a year or maybe two years ago. Ship to Store is a great feature. Buy online and by magic you just walk in a pick it up.

I have one table for "office" type work. Hubs conducts his business type duties here.
The metal file cabinets are from Target and many moons old. They creek, get stuck and are rather dull. One day I'll find another solution.

I moved my revamped metal table to house the sewing and crafting gear. I love the blue in the room. I was throwing out a stack of old maps and fished them out of the garbage. They line the shelves. If I like them, I might Mod Podge them on or I was thinking of maybe laminating them for easy removal.

My second table is for crafting, sewing, having fun. I LOVE the amount of space. The jar has all my ribbon. Magazines for taking a moment and getting inspiration. My iPad just because I love this little thing. Frames found roadside and sprayed with a fun blue. Assorted books for reference.

Now mind you I am a piler. I love making piles. So give this room a week and there will be piles of stuff everywhere.

The closet got a cleaning up. A big garbage bag later and this is what I did.

All of Hubs business stuff is up top and to the side neatly organized. I bought the file boxes at Staples and this is where we store the once in a while files. One day I'll be brave enough to store it electronically and on CDs. I have a thing for paper. The red boxes have either supplies, assorted cards, or photos. The photos take up two boxes and need some organizational love.

The closet doors I installed many moons ago too. I know they can be cheesy, but I love how it opens up the room. Any don't mirrors have a touch of glam? :)

I'd like a rug, larger lamp, new chairs and an inspiration board for the wall. Winter project.
Have a great, fun, go get it done type of weekend!


Sewing Table Redo

I can't believe I don't have a before picture. What happened? I was so excited to find time to paint this baby that before I knew, shocker, gasp, there is no before picture.

I found this sewing table on the side of the road this past summer. Picture stained walnut color all nicked up.

A 2 minute sanding with my orbital, 2 coats of latex white primer, one coat of Brandywine Cream by Ben Moore and one coat of watered down White Dove by Ben...this is what I have.
I sanded well in between coats. The last sanding almost taking off the white completely. A real distressing party happened to0. My plan is to rub some Miniwax Paste Wax to seal it up.

What I am so excited about is that I now have freed up counter space and created Pet Central. An out of the way place to fashionably store the pet food. Hubs even thought it was great. No more cluttered counter.

I'm still deciding if I am going to reuse the handle or get a new snazzy one.

P.S. The red comforter looked like a sad, bright, red tomato across the king bed. It is going back. Still on the hunt

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