Travel: Traverse City, MI

Our last leg of our Michigan trip a few weeks back included stopping overnight in Traverse City. We enjoyed shopping downtown, tasting lots of dried cherries and catching the fall colors on our ride to Sleeping Bear Dunes.

The views were AMAZING inside this park. I think we were there on the best, most perfect day ever.

This is my Grandma and I. Do we look alike? She is my mother's mom. A very strong lady. I love the tissue in her hand too...that will be me one day.

These are the crazy dunes. They go straight DOWN. I was freaked out. I did run around with my shoes and socks off in the sand trying to capture the views.

Do you see these people? They stumbled down the dune and then had to CRAWL back up. One super fit guy said it took him 25 heart pounding minutes to come back up. No thanks. I watched. I thought Hubs was going to do it, but I think he just had lunch on his mind.


  1. Wow, Michigan is beautiful! Your gran is so cute. It must be a rule that grandma's have to carry tissue at all times!

  2. I think if I got to the bottom of a dune I would have to pitch a tent and live there. ha!

  3. I think this is the first picture I've seen of you--it's so nice to have see the face behind the blog. :)

    The color of the water is amazing and the dunes look awesome. I've never really thought of going to Michigan but these pictures have convinced me that I must go some day.

  4. I love your Traverse City and Mackinaw Island pictures! My husband and I just went there for our 1 year anniversary, loved it! We went in the summer and it looks gorgeous in the fall. Looks like you had a great birthday!