Fall Decorating- Use what you got

I have found over the years that I put less and less stuff out for the holidays.
I have given a lot of things away and tend to decorate with less.
One of my favorite ways to add color and texture during the holidays is to use flowers.
Well, I'm on a strict budget this month, so what to do?
Use what you got.

I was on a mission and walked straight to the backyard.
Used my trusty shears and cut a few stalks of tall grass.

What about you? Any tips for using what you got to decorate?
P. S. What do you think about painting the front door black? The side that faces in.
OOOH, love what others are doing.


  1. Ok I am in complete agreement with you. It is especially difficult when I love the look of what I have going on. Anywho....I am all about decorating with pictures. On my mantle I have pictures of Thurgood in the fall...and for Christmas...I have big plans {but between us...who knows if I will even attempt this}.

    I have been playing with the idea of painting my door too. Are you going to paint both sides?


  2. The front of my door is red and it does need a refresher. I can't decide to keep it red or not. The sun beats on the door so it gets hot hot hot. I was thinking of a cooler color for the front door. Maybe yellow.

  3. Funny, I've been contemplating painting the inside of my door black too. I don't have a storm door, so I wonder if it will feel too dark inside. Plus, I don't know if I can sell my husband on the idea.
    I use a lot of natural things from the yard to decorate. It keeps the budget down, and I like the texture too. I love bringing out pics from past Halloweens and other holidays and putting them in frames or on my piano photo board for that season. It's cheap and easy and gets the pics out. The only problem is I have lots of digital pics to print!

  4. I love those grass stalks so much more than a lot of what's out there for sale. Natural is always better!

    I too am considering painting the inside of my door black...you go first so I can see how it turns out, ok?