Decorating: Bedroom

Do you decorate your bedroom for the holidays?
I am this year.
I've been eyeing this Pottery Barn set for weeks, but ya know, I'm on a budget.

Source: Potterybarn.com

This afternoon I breezed into Marshall's. Yes, breezed. That is how I shop in that store.
Fast and furious. Eyes scanning. No time for standing still otherwise I walk out with too much stuff.

After a quick run down the tablecloth aisle looking for another 90" round for Fall, I quickly went down the two bedding aisles. I said to myself that I should really be in Homegoods for bedding, but what they hey.

Then right there with a big fat red sticker was a red alternative down KING comforter with two shams for a mere $25 bucks. While it's not plaid, I know I can jazz it up with some throw pillows and crisp sheets. I grabbed it and ran to the checkout.

I'll let you know if this turns out to be the steal of the month or a boo hoo buy.
If the comforter makes the cut, I'll be sharing my winter ready bedroom style.

You scored any deals lately that you just can't contain yourself over?


  1. I am excited for you! Really...like my heart started beating a little faster when I read about you finding something like that that you wanted. I can't wait to see your bedroom all done up. I know it will look great and be comfy cozy.

  2. I would love to see photos. I am much too lazy to swap out bedding for the holidays. I barely get around to putting out some decorations. I bet it will look great ~ and you're right, pillow could totally change the look around!

  3. Great find on the comforter! I don't normally decorate the bedroom for the holidays.... maybe this year will be different!

  4. I got the darn Garnet Hill catalog yesterday (the one I've tried to cancel twice now!) and it does it to me every time - I want a wintry, holiday bed. I want flannel sheets with ice skaters all over them. I want beautiful, impractical throws tossed effortlessly at the foot of the bed. I want shams, baby.

    Good for you on your bargain find!

  5. I too am in love with that PB set. I have scored some major deals lately. (We have a PB Outlet nearby--don't hate.) I blogged about my finds this week. Check it out!

  6. I love that bed set, and I know I am behind, but cruising your blog quick, did you have updates of you master bedroom redo? We are about to start ours and I am researching inspiration!