Decorating: Bedroom

Do you decorate your bedroom for the holidays?
I am this year.
I've been eyeing this Pottery Barn set for weeks, but ya know, I'm on a budget.

Source: Potterybarn.com

This afternoon I breezed into Marshall's. Yes, breezed. That is how I shop in that store.
Fast and furious. Eyes scanning. No time for standing still otherwise I walk out with too much stuff.

After a quick run down the tablecloth aisle looking for another 90" round for Fall, I quickly went down the two bedding aisles. I said to myself that I should really be in Homegoods for bedding, but what they hey.

Then right there with a big fat red sticker was a red alternative down KING comforter with two shams for a mere $25 bucks. While it's not plaid, I know I can jazz it up with some throw pillows and crisp sheets. I grabbed it and ran to the checkout.

I'll let you know if this turns out to be the steal of the month or a boo hoo buy.
If the comforter makes the cut, I'll be sharing my winter ready bedroom style.

You scored any deals lately that you just can't contain yourself over?


Fall Decorating- Use what you got

I have found over the years that I put less and less stuff out for the holidays.
I have given a lot of things away and tend to decorate with less.
One of my favorite ways to add color and texture during the holidays is to use flowers.
Well, I'm on a strict budget this month, so what to do?
Use what you got.

I was on a mission and walked straight to the backyard.
Used my trusty shears and cut a few stalks of tall grass.

What about you? Any tips for using what you got to decorate?
P. S. What do you think about painting the front door black? The side that faces in.
OOOH, love what others are doing.


Travel: Traverse City, MI

Our last leg of our Michigan trip a few weeks back included stopping overnight in Traverse City. We enjoyed shopping downtown, tasting lots of dried cherries and catching the fall colors on our ride to Sleeping Bear Dunes.

The views were AMAZING inside this park. I think we were there on the best, most perfect day ever.

This is my Grandma and I. Do we look alike? She is my mother's mom. A very strong lady. I love the tissue in her hand too...that will be me one day.

These are the crazy dunes. They go straight DOWN. I was freaked out. I did run around with my shoes and socks off in the sand trying to capture the views.

Do you see these people? They stumbled down the dune and then had to CRAWL back up. One super fit guy said it took him 25 heart pounding minutes to come back up. No thanks. I watched. I thought Hubs was going to do it, but I think he just had lunch on his mind.


How do you clean?

I've had the cleaning bug lately. The deep clean one. Get into the nooks and crannies and suck the dirt right out. I admit I am a clutter bug too. I blame it on my husband, but it's all me. I put stuff in piles until it about topples over. I am trying to get better. Trying to ensure everything in my home, well has a home. I've done good at getting rid of a lot of useless stuff, but I need to work on putting things away.

This is what I am trying out this week.
  • load and empty dishwasher daily (why do two people have so many dishes? Yes, two.)
  • wipe down kitchen counters and keep the sink clean before bed
  • use a big basket to corral all the crap that shows up during the week to keep it off the kitchen table
  • fold laundry and once a week iron what needs to be and put the rest away
So far so good. I can use some work sorting through the basket. It found its way upstairs to be sorted and has sat there for 3 days.

I am also trying to streamline my cleaning routine. I am hoping by focusing on small tasks every day, I won't have to do a marathon clean session. Last night I deep cleaned my entire downstairs. It's not that big, but it took me 3 hours. Boy did the house smell fresh and clean and I smiled when I was done. I said to myself maybe I can do 15 minute spurts throughout the week to keep it up.

I grew up in a house that was super clean...a clean freak mom. I don't know where she found the time to do it. I am not that obsessive though. I allow shoes in the house, people over and my husband to cook dinner. I want my home lived in, but now I need to find the happy medium of keeping it clean and living life.

Do you clean daily? Do you have a schedule, like bathrooms on Mondays, floors on Wednesdays, etc?


Travel: Mackinac Island, MI # 2

I fell in love with the scenery and the charming homes on Mackinac Island.
I am a huge sucker for old homes with lots of wood.

This private home had these amazing views.

This cemetery is home to unknown soldiers.

Perfect spot for a picnic.


Travel: Mackinac Island, MI

Amazing. Beautiful. Peaceful.
I spent the last week with my Grandmother and Husband touring Michigan.
We covered a lot of ground in a few days, but what a step back in time Mackinac Island was.

The weather was perfect, truly perfect.
We drove up from the Detroit area and took the 1pm ferry from Mackinac City to Mackinac Island.
Boy, can that ferry boat move. 16 minutes flat.

As soon as we landed, you felt like you were somewhere else.
No cars, only horses or bikes to transport you.

We stayed at a nice place called Mission Point.
The views were spectacular.

A little shopping, some sightseeing and a dinner, we rested up for another on the go day.