Travel Planning: Michigan


I am planning a trip to visit family in Michigan. We have a few days in the to tour around and see the sights. On the agenda is the Detroit, Traverse City and Mackinac areas.

I've been doing a lot of research, but thought how fun would it be to see if you've all been and what your memories/tips and tricks are for the area.


  1. Oh, have a great time! We stayed in Union pier, if you make it out to that area you have to try Redamax for a hamburger. They close the end of October for the winter. Enjoy the beach, don't forget your sunscreen.

  2. Coming in late...maybe you've left already? If not, I can vouch for Mackinac Island....LOVE it there! We love to rent bikes, eat fudge, and shop. My boys loved the Fort.

    We went to Traverse City overnight once too, and the shops are soooo fun. There's a breakfast shop just off the main drag...can't remember the name, but it's a hole in the wall, but makes AMAZING omelettes :) The only thing I do in Detroit is go to IKEA in Canton....