Old Movie: American in Paris

I love old movies, especially those with dancing scenes.
I've started to rent some from my local library and watch them while I use the treadmill. Passes the time and I smile while exercising.

This is a great dancing scene from the movie American in Paris with Gene Kelly.
My love for tap dancing is even greater now.


  1. Thanks for coming over and commenting on my dining room. :) I wasn't sure if I answered you about the toile shades! They are roman shades from Country Curtains.
    Hope you have a great day!

  2. I too love old movies...especially ones with Fred Astaire...oh I wish I was in my twenties when skilled dancing was still in.

  3. We watch old musicals ALL the time. Gene Kelly, Fred, Judy, etc. LOVE them all. We also are fans of Humphrey Bogart :)

  4. I love old movies too, and this one is a favorite of mine!

    Kat :)