Color Coordinated Closet

On a whim a few weeks ago, I took everything out of my side of the closet.
Yep, I have exactly half of our master bedroom closet. Over the years, I've done some serious down sizing and was able to simplify to this teeny tiny closet (oh and one dresser).

I had organized in the usual fashion, pants on the bottom row, tops on top row.
Imagine my surprise when I put everything back color coordinated.

OH MY, I have a lot of black clothes.
I quickly text someone near and dear to me.
'Cause I am always analyzing things.

"I have a lot of black clothes....What do you think it means?"
"Maybe you think you are fat."

I laughed and laughed some more.
Don't all of us women think we are fat...even if we are not.
We are always criticizing our less than perfect bodies...this is a little pudgy, this is a little saggy.

So I quickly went shopping and bought more happy colors...blue, purple and pink...oh and some grey, cause grey really isn't black right?


  1. That's so funny! I went to Marshall's determined to buy some fun colored dresses for work and came out with four black ones. How does that happen?

  2. I've got a bunch of black clothes in my closet too! I went a few weeks ago and bought myself some happy colored tops...and it really does make a difference! I also like the color grey.. no, grey isn't black...

    I've GOT to get busy and get our master closet cleared out and rearranged once again.. It's amazing how fast it can get unorganized!! I am another one who likes having same colored clothes ( same colored tops, same colored slacks,etc) together in one's closet.. Makes it sooo much easier for me when it comes to finding what I'm looking for! So nice when one is in a hurry..

    Have a great Monday!


  3. Have you ever had your 'colors' done? I know it sounds cheesy, but I swear, ever since I was told the colors that really shine on me, it's made shopping a lot easier!

  4. I color coordinate my closet too! Not only do I organize by color, I arrange each color from sleeveless to long sleeved. makes finding things a snap. Of course, my largest section is black. Try navy blue. Still dark but at leaset it's a color and the nautical look is in now. ;)

  5. Yes, more colors! I think all black wardrobes are so sad. No offense, of course! haha

  6. nothing like tidying the closet, is there? i have way too much black myself, for me it's just a basic and i like it! happy weekend! susan

  7. I have a ton of black clothes, too. I bought a black shirt last night!