Happy Birthday

I celebrated a milestone birthday this weekend.
Can't believe it.
Feels a little strange because it's such a middle of the road birthday.
I still feel 21. or 16 even.
I was always that girl who wanted to grow up.
Become an adult.
Make decisions.
It's not all that it's cracked up to be.

Aren't these the prettiest flowers?
My dad brought them over for me.
On a cloudy day like today, they've decided to perk up and smile.

Enjoy your Monday!


Color Coordinated Closet

On a whim a few weeks ago, I took everything out of my side of the closet.
Yep, I have exactly half of our master bedroom closet. Over the years, I've done some serious down sizing and was able to simplify to this teeny tiny closet (oh and one dresser).

I had organized in the usual fashion, pants on the bottom row, tops on top row.
Imagine my surprise when I put everything back color coordinated.

OH MY, I have a lot of black clothes.
I quickly text someone near and dear to me.
'Cause I am always analyzing things.

"I have a lot of black clothes....What do you think it means?"
"Maybe you think you are fat."

I laughed and laughed some more.
Don't all of us women think we are fat...even if we are not.
We are always criticizing our less than perfect bodies...this is a little pudgy, this is a little saggy.

So I quickly went shopping and bought more happy colors...blue, purple and pink...oh and some grey, cause grey really isn't black right?


Old Movie: American in Paris

I love old movies, especially those with dancing scenes.
I've started to rent some from my local library and watch them while I use the treadmill. Passes the time and I smile while exercising.

This is a great dancing scene from the movie American in Paris with Gene Kelly.
My love for tap dancing is even greater now.


Travel Planning: Michigan


I am planning a trip to visit family in Michigan. We have a few days in the to tour around and see the sights. On the agenda is the Detroit, Traverse City and Mackinac areas.

I've been doing a lot of research, but thought how fun would it be to see if you've all been and what your memories/tips and tricks are for the area.