Slipcover (with a little leg)

The slippy I am proud of.

So my very first slipcover, well, it covers up a really ugly chair. I learned a lot of rootin', tootin' stuff making that. How to cut fabric, How to decide on seam width, How to use my seam ripper (new BFF), How to like that it's not perfect. :)

Better than that, I was eager to do more. I found this little gem on the side of the road.

Yes, I was garbage picking again. I love the legs. The seat is rock hard vinyl, but I've been using it to keep magainzes, lay my laptop on. It's not very comfortable for actual sitting.

I'm liking up to Pink and Polka Dot. She has the best tutorial on how to make the pleats.

Oh and here is the 1st slippy. She looks much better with laundry piled high. LOL.


  1. Great job!! lOve it!! I have alwats wanted to be able t sew slipcovers..

    Giveaway is on my site!

    Art by Karena

  2. So, so, so cute! I have a little stool like that but I just re-covered it but when I'm ready for a change, I'll try this!

  3. Looks great with the slipcover, and we have the twin to your stool floating around somewhere over here. If I come across is I will have to give it a slipcover too. It would make a great ottoman. Jackie

  4. yup, my seam ripper is used almost as much as my sewing machine :) But such a cute slipcover, you did a great job. Love your new wall treatment, as well, what a difference it makes!

  5. Great job on the pleats! Isn't it fun to make something cute out of something free?

  6. This SO rocks. She's a looker, that one.

  7. i love both your slips! you did a beautiful job! i adore pleats and showing a little leg! love it!

  8. I believe I need a sewing machine. SO much better!

  9. You did a great job! For years I have been wanting to do this, just need a little more courage.