Drapery Redo

I love the look of white cotton curtains/drapes. They always remind me of my grandmother's house and her crisp, clean window treatments in her kitchen.

Earlier this year, I put these up. Not bad, but the droopy part on top sort of irritated me. I tried making a casual roman shade this week and threw it in the trash (well, I did keep the fabric to recycle into something else).

Instead I took the same curtains, aka sheets, gave them a good wash and dry, and repurposed them to look very PB inspired.
Pottery Barn Cameron Drape

I used my new BFF, the trusty seam ripper and opened up the top hem.

I did redo the hem and used seam tape to make a finished edge. I am silly like that. You can leave it open and raw, sure no one will be looking.

I ironed and ironed and ironed some more, but they now make me smile.
I used a straight pin on the ends to keep them from sliding open on the pole. I like the scrunched look up top.

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  1. They look great, and i love the board and batten! I call my seam ripper the seam reaper. The straight pin is a good trick, I've just always used a little tape, I'll try the pin next time.