Bored = Board and Batten

My living room wall= boring. Since we repainted 3 years ago, it's pretty much looked like this. Nothing on the walls, no character. I was looking for a large clock to hang figuring it would balance out the wood stove. I just never found anything I loved.

I have moved to a more streamlined, crisp, clean look in my home. There is a lack of things on and around the walls.

Last night I asked Hubs if he was ok with me being a copy cat and mimic Just Beachy's walls. I sat silently waiting while he looked at the pictures on her blog. Then I got the nod. Woo Hoo.
We went to Home Depot and bought our stock.

I played around with the spacing and I think I am settling on 17 inches apart, as it just looked right with the woodstove.

Wish me luck, more to follow. I have painting, sanding and all the fun stuff to do now, impatiently.


  1. So exciting! I know you can do it!

  2. Ooooh, that is going to look fantastic! I can't wait to see it!