Bored = Board and Batten 2

Do a cartwheel with me. The wood is up. Loving it already. It took me about 2 hours tonight.

1. Give all the boards one coat of primer.
2. Measure, cut and level top board. Nail. I had Hubs hold it up to the level line.
3. Measure, cut and nail each vertical board. I measured one by one, and installed one by one.
My floor is a little wavy so this way I didn't have too many gaps.

Next up. I am thinking about a wood shelf running across the top. So I may figure that out and then start to spackle and caulk.

For those of you who like more details: my top board hits about 76 inches from the floor. I already had 1x6 floor molding, which was pretty beefy, so I didn't want to go much taller. I actually wanted to go down about 6 inches, but I needed to clear the stove pipe. If I didn't have that, I probably would have installed at 70-72 inches from the floor.

Floor molding and Top rail =1x6 poplar
Vertical boards= 1x3 poplar
Spacing between boards is 17 inches just because of the stove. 12-14 would have been my preference.

More to follow.


  1. Alright!! That is awesome, can't wait to see ot all painted, it seriously looks like it was meant to be there.

  2. Can't wait to see how it all turns out! I am a huge fan of board an batten.

  3. WOW! What a difference! That looks great!